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It also highlights the importance of social research in contemporary times. Social research is normally conducted for different purposes. It incorporates such aspects as how the study is conducted and…
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Communication study4-5
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Chapter 4: Research Design Key terms – Exploration, Explanation Chapter four is a general introduction of the research design as a concept. It also highlights the importance of social research in contemporary times. Social research is normally conducted for different purposes. It incorporates such aspects as how the study is conducted and when it is to be conducted. The purpose of the research, therefore, calls for a research design that best fulfills all the objectives of the researcher. One of the objectives of research is exploration. This revolves around the researcher’s desire for more knowledge and understanding. In this case, a researcher might want to get information on a given topic achieved by conducting an examination of a topic. S/he is at the same time undertaking a feasibility test with regard to how one should conduct more extensive study. Thirdly, the exploration aspect of research develops methods that are likely to be employed in other subsequent studies. A research that aims at addressing such a cause is referred to as exploratory research. The second purpose of research is description – descriptive research. It involves employing scientific observation in the description of situations and events. Scientific observations are perceived as deliberate and careful. Explanation as the third purpose of research answers the “why” questions. It explains the causes of varied phenomena. The researcher at this point seeks to give varied accounts of a phenomenon. The chapter elaborates on how a researcher should design a research project. Firstly, s/he should define the purpose; is it explanatory, exploratory or descriptive? Secondly, one should specify what each concept that is to be studied means as well as selecting a research method. In addition, the researcher should determine the means through which the results will be measured. Still on the design, whom or what to study should be determined. The other aspects of research design include the collection, process, and analysis of data and the reporting of findings.
Chapter 5: Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement
Key terms- Concept, Empirical observation, Measurement quality
This chapter delves on the gradual process of research from the idea to the actual study. Before any research study is undertaken, the researcher has only an idea which s/he begins with. There are three stages that define the research process; conceptualization, operationalization and measurement. Conceptualization is a mental process whereby concepts (mental notions) become more precise and specific. Concepts are summed up by experiences and observations that are somehow related. At this stage, the researcher specifies what they mean with regard to terms as used in research. As such, there are many conceptions, concepts and reality issues. In social research, therefore, these issues are explained and proved usually at the initial stages.
The whole idea of conceptualization as indicated above is a matter of observation. The researcher therefore gets interested in the topic and conceptualizes it in the most effective way. The next stage involves operationalization. This operational aspect involves elaborating precisely how a concept in the research will be measured. At this stage, operationalization seeks to develop research procedures which will ultimately lead to empirical observations. These empirical observations are representations of the concepts in the study as viewed in the real world. The researcher has to come up with the best methods that fit the objectives to be realized.
Measurement involves the actual results as obtained from the study. The figures obtained must be measured and then presented in the most effective way before interpretation. It is from this interpretation of the collected and measured data that the researcher can be able to make deductions. S/he can then relate the information with actual factors considered. It is further noted that before, during and after the study is conducted, some issues must be realized. These issues ensure validity, accuracy, reliability and precision in the course of the whole study.
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Babbie, Earl, R. The Practice of Social Research. Cengage Learning. 2013 Read More
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Communication Study4-5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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