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The author of the essay comments on the challenges in communication. Reportedly, communication is not just the act of passing a message from a sender to a receiver.However, although the main goal or the desired outcome of any communication is understanding, not all messages achieve this goal…
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Communication Challenges
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Communication Challenges Communication is not just the act of passing a message from a sender to a receiver. Although the main goal or the desired outcome of any communication is understanding, not all messages achieve this goal. Communication takes different forms including verbal, non-verbal, written communication and body language. Today, there are many communication channels available to a communicator including a telephone call, text message, email, TV, written message, social media, and face-to-face communications. An effective communicator will choose an appropriate channel that will bring an understanding to the receiver. Considering each channel has its own weaknesses, it is inevitable to face various challenges in the process of passing information.
The first challenge for communication to take place comes in when a communicator chooses the wrong communication channel. Channel involves the route or the method used to convey the message. A channel must be suitable to as many recipients who must have a way of encoding the message. A wrong identification of the intended audience by the communicator will mean a wrong channel and thus no communication. For instance, when a communicator intends to communicate to a large audience, he must choose a channel that accommodates that. It will be easier to broadcast the news of an upcoming urgent event on a radio or TV other than use written messages. On the other hand, complex information requires a written form of communication other than a verbal form (“Skills You Need” web).
The second challenge or barrier to communication depends on the receiver of the message. Attitudinal barriers come about because of individual problems of the recipients. Relationship between team players can affect communication. For instance, personal conflicts between people in a team or in an office will hinder open communication, delay communication, or even make some employees refuse to communicate at all. In addition, poor management, lack of training, and employee consultation will lead to a dissatisfied and de-motivated team. It is very hard to communicate to a team that is not motivated; they will encode what they want to hear. In the 21st century, communicators face the challenge of communicating to a tech-savvy team especially the younger generation. Their attitude will depend on whether the communicator can accommodate their tech know how, which affect communication.
Thirdly, culture is a big challenge to communication. Culture refers to the way of life of a group of people, the way they share experiences, and view the world. Culture influences our approach to problems, the way we perceive things, or participate in groups. For instance, different cultures have differing meaning for different words, phrases, or body language. Some cultures will observe time to a meeting; keep personal distance when talking to certain individuals, or raise their voices. When put in a team, people from different cultures will experience major conflict as each party elevates the superiority of their cultural values that they hold dearly. Some cultures view conflict as a positive, others as demeaning, while others as embarrassing. Undeniably, communication will not take place in a conflict zone unless the parties sit down and decide to put their cultures behind appreciating others. This is a challenge to communication as parties leave their old habits and pick new ones. In conclusion, a communicator has to do some research before deciding to communicate to a certain group, which may carry similar or diverse cultures.
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Communication Challenges Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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