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It is true that the University need no introduction when it comes to sports, at least for sports aficionados. Glion MBA online, a…
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Public Presentation Speech on Hofstra UNIVERSITY Baseball
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Public Presentation Speech on Hofstra Baseball It is with great delight to that Hofstra hasproven to be not only a center of academic excellence but also an athletic connoisseur. It is true that the University need no introduction when it comes to sports, at least for sports aficionados. Glion MBA online, a sports news site is awash with the excellence of the University in baseball.
Hafstra University has a number of sports that students are encouraged to join. In each category, the University has seen remarkable performance. This has always been so as the University has created an avenue through which to recognize and appreciate their students who excel in sports, popularly known as the Hafstra hall of fame.
The Hall of Fame was introduced in 1939 with Dale Petroskey as the president (Vaccaro, 73). This gesture by the university has been forceful in encouraging students to participate in sports. It seeks to appreciate the University’s alumni who did their best to take their respective sports at higher levels. The hall of fame includes students who have shown their prowess and alacrity in sports. Each year the University’s department of sports, though a high caliber panel selects candidates for this hall. This year Greg Polli who played baseball for the university in 1983 was selected for the hall of fame.
The History of Hofstra baseball is one that is remembered with nostalgia that is drawn from the memories of the university’s pioneers of fame, pride and dominance. The Hafstra baseball course was initiated in 1938. According to (Vaccaro, 73) an online sports news desk, Brant Alyes who played in1959-1961 was the first baseball player from Hafstra University to make it to a major league level. Ken Singleton 1966-1966 is another baseball icon who made it to a major league.
It is almost inevitable to mention the baseball players of Hafstra University who have gone professional in Hafstra baseball discourses. Greg Polli is a former All- American player who was also ranked third in the nation. Lance Schulters who played soccer for the university between 1996 and 1997 went professional. His professional soccer was at its prime when he was picked for the fourth time in 1998 by NFL in Francisco where he played for a decade (Vaccaro, 73).
Finally it is commendable of the university to see the efforts put in all aspects of the university. Hafstra has become not only an academic giant but also a center of producing all round, disciplined and focused citizen of our republic with sports proving to be the best tool for its ambitious endeavors (Vaccaro, 73). In all regards, Hafstra University has mimicked its motto “Je maintiendrai,” truly it has maintained its prowess.
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Vaccaro, Christopher R. Hofstra Athletics. Charleston, S.C: Arcadia Pub, 2011. Print. Read More
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