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Name Instructor Course Date Commencement Day Speech “Members of staff present, guests in attendance and dear friends, I humbly take this opportunity, which will always remind me of a wonderful opportunity, when we mark the commencement of this important session for the law students…
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Commencement Day Speech
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Commencement Day Speech “Members of staff present, guests in attendance and dear friends, I humbly take this opportunity, which will always remind me of a wonderful opportunity, when we mark the commencement of this important session for the law students. I have to admit that I am glad to stand here, and commence this session at a high note. It is the efforts of the students and staff in the past sessions that have made the school gain recognition worldwide, taking a rank of 22nd best by the world reports. During this session, the school hopes to continue nurturing us, by offering practice programs at least once per semester in prominent organizations and governments offices, in Geneva and Washington D.C. It is my humble request to the administration that this session there offer more exposure for the students. The law students will be glad to work in law firms; this will enable students to get a short preview of what to expect after completion of their studies (Kenneth 45). As we begin this academic session, the students hope to achieve more of what is on offer. In the past, the school gave admission to students from forty-six states in the United States. It has students from over two hundred and thirty-eight colleges and universities of the world who are on an exchange program, thus accommodating as many cultures as the world has to offer. It is my humble suggestion that this session we will see more people from the Diaspora, joining us as we strive to quench the thirst for knowledge, and also send some of the students to other institutions in the world. This will make the student life engrossing, as students will be able to learn of other cultures of the world and also get more exposure and learn how the law of other countries of the world operates. The school does not discriminate on race nor skin color, thus making Martin Junior Luther King’s dream into reality. This will help us associate with law students from other parts of the world. In the past session, we have seen competition from other law schools around. This has given us motivation to take up the mantle this session and spring out as the best law school, hence producing the best lawyers the United States has to offer. As we commence this session, we, as law students, hope to continue the legacy of the school by producing renowned lawyers all over the world due to its quest for greatness and quality education. As a student, I am glad that the school provides us with the best facilities this session that we are marking its beginning today; let us utilize the available resources efficiently so as to achieve my mission. It is my immense pleasure to recognize that since the first day, when one knocks on the doors of the institution, we, students, get the treatment of a guest, which enables us to feel at home; thus, this session marks the continuity of the motherly and fatherly care we have always gotten, giving us a chance to strive to become the best lawyer the world can have. Led by the great sage that what we can perceive we can achieve, we, as the students, promise that this session we are going to follow the dreams we have to produce the best lawyers (Xiang 45). The institution in the past gave us the best experience a lawyer can ask for. A lawyer’s job entails proving the innocence of the defendant and representation of the people. As we commence this session today, I am confident in giving an assurance that the BU school of law students will get the best grooming to become the best lawyers, bringing the service to your most precise expectation; thus we are confident that this session will be better getting the best out of it. This session we kindly ask for the continuous support from the teaching fraternities, which had in the past never gone without giving us hints here and there. Going for practice programs has been the greatest contribution to the grooming of the best lawyers. The interaction with learned friends having more experience will make us get the best as well from the government officials, who strive so hard each day to ensure the country is always yearning for prosperity. The students promise the staff that they ensure their cooperation this session, thus trending softly to avoid the acute angle this will help us to gain the best experience necessary for this God-given golden opportunity of defending the beautiful, innocent citizens of the country (Matthew 233). As I complete my short speech this first day of the session, I acknowledge the unending support by the dean and the staff of the school. It is always a tough, thorough journey that sees us grow not just from boys to men but from law learners to lawyers. The experience the teaching staff gives us can only receive reciprocation from my learned friends, through their hard work in the field of law coming this session; let us use this magnificent gift to make the world a better place for the existing and future generations. Let us not blow this, dear friends, and give the best that can this session as it will determine the future we highly hope for. Lastly I thank the almighty God for helping us begin this session on a high note without any hiccups as we prepare to go through this challenging course of passion. For sure, this university is always the second mother; let us use this session to bring out the best in us. Through the sage, lawyers are similar to physicians: what one says, the other is in contradiction. I take this chance to wish all a successful session (John 234).” Works Cited Charles, Carrol. Lawyers Reference Manual. New York: Havard press, 2009. Print. Frediric, Bastiat. The Law. USA: Ludwig, 2009. Print. Jack, Anderson. Legal Affairs. USA: Taylor and Francis Press, 2007. Print. John, Henry. The Civil Law Tradition. London: Stanford, 2009. Print. John, Orcut. Shaping China's Innovation Future. China: Edward Elgar press, 2008. Print. Kenneth, Mwenda. Comparing American and British Legal Education Systems. New Hampshire: Victoria Press, 2009. Print. Matthew, Palmer. Roles and Perspectives in the Law. USA: Victoria university press, 2009. Print. Oliver, Wendell. The Common Law. USA: Transaction Press, 2008. Print. Xiang, Gao. The Fraud Rule in the Law of Letters of Credit. New York: Kluwer Law, 2010. Print. Read More
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