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Graduation - Speech or Presentation Example

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YOUR NAME HERE DATE HERE Graduation Speech Staff and students, it is my pleasure to address you today as we stand validated for our commitment to satisfying the international affairs curriculum and move forward in our long-term goals and objectives as a new group of professionals…
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Graduation speech
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Extract of sample "Graduation"

HERE HERE Graduation Speech Staff and it is my pleasure to address you today as we stand vali d for our commitment to satisfying the international affairs curriculum and move forward in our long-term goals and objectives as a new group of professionals. This is a time of considerable joy and anticipation for many, equipped with the knowledge, experience, and lingering positive impact of the dedication of well-trained staff members that ensured we could stand together on graduation day ready to tackle the challenges of new careers and other personal ambitions. It has been a great honor and privilege to have been a part of the top quality academic environment provided by BLANK UNIVERSITY. Without the superior social and scholarly structures that reside here, I would be ill-equipped to address you properly and offer appropriate congratulations for a job well done at achieving greatness in understanding as it pertains to the international affairs curriculum. I would like to first start out by thanking my fellow student peers for their support, camaraderie, and exuberant collaboration that has made this time at BLANK UNIVERSITY so meaningful and encouraging. When dealing with international affairs, especially considering the complexity of dynamic relationship development necessary to sustain positive cultural interaction, it seems to me that it is necessary to nourish a new sense of self-awareness. Throughout our years together, we have learned significant lessons about ourselves, some of these lessons having been provided outside of the classroom environment, that I believe are just as valuable as we pursue our new careers. Teamwork, partnership, alliance development, and even generalized community values have been part of my personal learning over these years that have given me a new worldview on what actually constitutes relationship development. Common values that we share, along with our intensive diversity that comes from each of us being unique in our principles and lifestyle standards, have, at my personal level, created a new sense of kinship associated with convergence of spirit. What do I mean by spirit? To me, it really has little to do with moral fiber and heart, especially when considering a future role in international affairs. Spirit, I have learned, is about personal fortitude for achievement; a form of attitude that pervades rational thought as a kind of phantom or specter that, through experience and knowledge gleaned, haunts the very character of the individual. This phantom acts as a courageous and, sometimes, incessant lingering ghoul that disturbs the norm of monotonous thinking about the self and the community abroad in order to demand a more daring train of thought that ultimately leads to a better sense of self in order to provide more value and meaning to the international community. I would like to compare my experience at the school and this newly-developed sense of self to this specter as a means of expressing a new type of adventurous and audacious attitude that I hope will serve me well in all areas of international affairs. I imagine that each of you, my fellow student peers, has been haunted by this morally upright and haunting specter that has likely transformed you from the somewhat free-wheeling and novice freshman you once were and created a new individual that is now receptive and perceptive about the world that surrounds you. I believe that each of us is susceptible and even vulnerable to this lingering apparition that always seems to demand a new sense of vision and imagination. Even as many of use might try to resist the wiles of this haunting presence in favor of straight-forward logic, I am certain that the experience and friendships gained at BLANK UNIVERSITY have allowed you to embrace irrationality, at least just a little, in order to become more diverse and capable of providing significant value to the international community. Friends and staff, it is not a hallucination, it is your heart demanding honesty, ethics, and honorable philosophy for a new type of accepted wisdom that has made you prepared to take any leadership role with solid and rational judgment. These, I believe, are necessary skills to tackle any situation that might arise in international affairs, or just in your personal endeavors, with incomparable fortitude and excellence. As I conclude, I want to thank everyone for their unique sensibilities, their allegiance in helping to develop, at least for this person, a new sense of loyalty to my fellow man. Your support and encouragement, in all facets of this academic experience, has been invaluable and I will always remember fondly everything we have shared together. To each of you, from the head of the university to my fellow student peers, well done on achieving the new you. Please, for me, always proudly bring with you the specter, your personal ghost, to guide you effectively into tomorrow. Congratulations…you deserve the accolades. Read More
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