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The author of the speech will begin with such words: "Good evening honored guests, teachers, family, friends, and the graduating class of 2015. Today, we stand and gather to celebrate the achievements of the graduate class of St. Gabriel High School"…
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Graduating Class of High School
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Our high school years have been full of activities; classes attended, extra-curricular activities undertaken, and grades attained. It has been fun attending most of the activities while some have been challenging. I, in particular, cannot forget how I have struggled with my science subjects. At first, they were hard to comprehend but all that is now behind me. High school life has taught me lessons that I will forever remain indebted. Being patient, hardworking, and putting God first in everything I do has seen me endure the long journey. I have severally found myself on the wrong path with teachers for poor performance and unfinished assignments. I acknowledge all the actions you took and believe that all were meant to mold me to be a responsible person.
To the students I leave behind, I urge you to work hard in your studies and you will also graduate in the years to come. Respect your teachers and do all they ask you. Remember your parents are sacrificing their resources to have you in school. Please do your best to avoid embarrassing them. I believe St. Gabriel High School students have the potential to succeed in everything. I indeed wish you well.
I reiterate my gratitude to all present on this occasion and congratulations to the graduating class of 2015. Thank you and God bless you. Read More
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