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Design your process for becoming a world-class engineering student - Essay Example

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It will open doors of opportunity for me after college which otherwise will not possible without an engineering education. Graduating in engineering, computer science or engineering…
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Design your process for becoming a world-class engineering student
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Download file to see previous pages Admittedly, I am not yet that confident if I will realize my goal after graduating my course because I am still having challenges with my study.
I have a clear understanding of what is engineering, computer science or engineering technology. I am also aware of its achievements and opportunities. I am not sure however of its future directions because it changes so fast that it is hard to predict.
The world class student in engineering and computer science does not only have a clear understanding of the subject but also have an idea of the future directions of the industry due to their engagement in the subject.
At present, there are still aspects of my study that needs to be improved. First, I need to improve my grades to make it impressive when I present them as qualification to my prospective employers after graduation. I will also develop my other non-academic qualifications such as joining extra-curricular activities that will develop my other skills such as leadership. I will also improve my study habit because it will carried on to my professional life as a work habit so I have to make it ideal while I am still studying.
To work on these areas of improvement, I will instill a good study habit within me to avoid cramming and get good grades. This could be done by allocating an hour or two every day to review my lectures so that I am always prepared for class. If there are school and/or research works that needs to be done, I will do it in advance so that I will have ample time to do it and produce a quality research and/or school work. I will make quality school paper by dividing portions of it in advance and then research and write portions of it until it is done ahead of time allowing me an allowance to review it and do some corrections and improvement. I believe this how world class students in engineering and computer science do their school work. They do not just study because there is an exam but are always studying to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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