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40 percent of the products are advertised by at least one celebrity in China which leaves a long lasting effect on young people. This shows how the brand…
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Communication Paper
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How are celebrity endorsements used in China, use examples China uses celebrity endorsement as a salient marketing strategy where each Chinese celebrity endorses more than 20 brands. 40 percent of the products are advertised by at least one celebrity in China which leaves a long lasting effect on young people. This shows how the brand endorser effects work, the ways and conditions that are required for value transfer to function within various cultures. The values and ideas of a culture are reflected by celebrities who are cultural symbols.
When Nike held on to the famous Chinese 110-m hurdler, Liu Xiang, and he had no option but to leave the 2008 Beijing Olympics following a false beginning, Nike started gaining reputation amongst its young target audience during such a period when several of the other sponsors had let go of Xiang due to his underperformance. It is through celebrities that a certain cultures values and ideas are reflected. Thus, there is a variation in how these personalities make an appearance in advertisements and the effect that they may have.
According to a research certain people had relations with celebrities limited to fun; others felt more of an attachment to them while still others were compelled by a pathological force. When the growth of the market is high and the competition is intense, celebrity endorsement is used by a brand to gain awareness. Most researches approve the results of celebrity endorsement which are frequently based on one branded context.
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