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Assimilation Communication - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Human Communication Introduction Communication is the process of sending information through exchanging messages, data or thoughts using verbal means, visuals, signals, symbols, or behavior. The aim of the process is to provide an exchange of meaningful information between beings…
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Assimilation paper Communication
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Download file to see previous pages However, for an effective human communication, four things need to be done. The representation of information from the sender should be clear. The receiver must receive the information and ask questions to clarify issues. The mode of delivery should be considerate of the needs and situation of both parties. The information has to be in line at some level with the beliefs of the receiver. Human communication occurs every day, every time, everywhere in the world in successive processes. Human communication on all levels of communication has become a part of our life. Therefore, human communication is concluded as an interconnected form of communication, existing as systems governed by rules and laws, which can portray different messages though the same information is sent. The relationships and interactions in communication seek to achieve goals with reduced costs and increased benefits. (Littlejohn and Karen 151) The theories of communication strengthen this conclusion. Constructivism Jesse Delia theorized this theory of communication in 1982. The communication constructivism theory explains there is a greater capacity in terms of sophisticated communication among people that are cognitively complex in perceiving others that helps them in the achievement of positive outcomes (Littlejohn and Karen 180). These persons may employ the logic of rhetorical message design creating a person-centered message pursuing multiple goals of communication simultaneously. The theory deals with the cognitive processes preceding actual communications in a given situation. Observing and measuring these processes is a painstaking task difficult to complete. The theory however states that deducing that those who are cognitively complex do not always achieve more success. A statement claiming otherwise is a misrepresentation of the truth. Multiple truths varying with the abilities of creation and understanding of messages, which are cognitively complex by the receiver and the communicator. This is the epistemological assumption of the theory the ontological assumption lies in the ability of some people to act in a rhetorical design. Others make use of conventional or expressive designs. The theory value conscious as it recognizes the capacity of influence of value without subscribing to any specific pattern (Littlejohn and Karen 182). The theory is a scientific one that seeks to explain the attainment of interpersonal communication success (Littlejohn and Karen 216). In the process, it concludes that more success is attained by people who are cognitively complex as they use the logic of rhetoric design in sending messages. However, the application of this theory is a complex undertaking due to the difficult and complex nature of the process of studying cognitive processes. Symbolic interactionism Symbolic interactionism is the learning of interpretation and giving meaning to the world in the process of interactions with others. This theory attempts to explain the interaction of people through symbols (Littlejohn and Karen 128). The basis of the theory is the human ability to generate a complex set of symbols used to convey messages. In the theory, a family is labeled a unit of interacting personalities. The interactions of the people in their environment evolve the symbols applied in the interpretation of the actions. Understanding human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assimilation Paper Communication Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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