Chapter 12 How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria - Case Study Example

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The virtue should not be encouraged or discouraged, but should be emphasized, as this will help in meeting the needs of women and young girls among other minor members of the community. Following the study case, we see the…
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Case Study Chapter 12 How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria
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Maria’s Case Study Question one Opportunities being realized by hiring Maria Human relations This is one the opportunities realized by hiring Maria. The virtue should not be encouraged or discouraged, but should be emphasized, as this will help in meeting the needs of women and young girls among other minor members of the community. Following the study case, we see the entire school official appreciate the role played by Maria in the school. At first, they think she is doing little, but through upholding the diversity, they end up realizing that she is doing a lot to benefit the school’s society. This includes the motivational talks and community services duties she attends to in addition to the four daily classes (Miller 227).
Human resource
Maria is an excellent resource to the school; diversity encourages creativity among other new ideas, which enhances competitiveness of the institution in question. From the case study, we see her taking the initiatives of communicating to the less fortunate girls among other children with different challenges, which seem to affect their life in school. These kinds of the initiative will ultimately boost the performance of the school. Such girls will have the courage to face life challenges as they have a person who guides and motivates them. This idea came from Maria, and it is a clear example of a new idea, which boost competitiveness (Miller 227).
Diversity creates an opportunity where an institution creates an effective environment, which meets global standards. In reference to the case study, we see it was through the diversity that they came to uphold the position of Maria in the District School. If they had not taken the initiative of hiring her, they would not have realized the benefits along with hiring women. Such standards enhance the institution’s competitiveness (Miller 227).
Question 2
Tokenism in this case is about challenges facing Maria, yet she does not have the authority to overcome some of these issues. Ideal example is the issue concerning role model. It is ethical for a teacher to be a role model to the students, but this practically possible if the administration is acting as a role model to the minor teachers as well. In this instance, Maria feels challenges because she is doing a lot, but getting little in return of her efforts (Miller 229). The tokenism issues that Maria has to deal with concerns doing a lot and getting little appreciation. They think it is a privilege to offer her the job opportunity, but they do not value the effort in classroom, supportive talks she offers to students and the community service duties.
Question 3
If I were the communication consultant working in the school, I would create awareness with the board of the school, as well as the whole school community concerning the importance of diversity in creating an ethical competitive environment. One of the challenges I would use in enhancing this is by questioning them concerning the need to educate the girl child if she is to be undermined at the work place. Feminism equality theories would also help in driving my message home because killing diversity alienates victims, and they may feel under graded thus reduce their expected output. I would use different achievements made through diversity, as this will challenge the administration; they would start upholding different gender’s output and achievements with time.
Works cited
Miller, Katherine. Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2009. Print. Read More
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