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In the paper “Business Communication Writing” the author analyzes the key difference between the direct and indirect approach. The direct approach is used when you know that the audience will be receptive to the message thus you can start with the main idea…
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Business Communication Writing
Response to Shanon’s Post
The key difference between the direct and indirect approach is whether you know the audience will be receptive or skeptical to the message. The direct approach is used when you know that the audience will be receptive to the message thus you can start with the main idea. If the audience will be skeptical or resistant to the message, then an indirect approach is useful so start by first giving the evidence and build the case before presenting the main idea.
Response to Thomas’ Post
I completely agree with you because it often occurs that one forgets the thoughts on step 1-3 if they are not documented. It is of essence for one to record whichever thoughts we have on these steps such that by the time you start working on the writing, you would not have forgotten your thoughts on these steps. It might look as cutting out some steps to make one of them actually more efficient and saving time. However, contrary to this belief, the first few steps are the most crucial since they give a writer a clear frame of mind of what you are about to say.
Response to Rosarinas’ Post
Planning messages saves time and improves efficiency, though some writers argue that it is all a waste of time since the plans are inevitably changed. Your answer to this argument is indeed correct since first and foremost planning helps the writer to know what to say in the write-up. Secondly, planning makes the actual writing of any paper much faster and easier since one can better allot the time to take for each step of the writing process. Lastly, through planning, the time saved in writing can be used to complete the documents by revising or proofreading; hence improving the paper’s quality.
Bovee C. and Thill J. (2011). Business Communication Essentials. New Jersey: Prentice Hall Read More
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Business Communication Writing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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