Apply the Three-Step Writing Process to business communication. Establish brief and effective business communication routines - Essay Example

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This skill is being sought after especially in the business world. The need to have a skill like that is to change the views, attitudes and beliefs of others. The reason this is important is to enable one…
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Apply the Three-Step Writing Process to business communication. Establish brief and effective business communication routines
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Persuasive Writing Persuasive Writing The skill of persuasive writing has been on the rise in the recent past. This skill is beingsought after especially in the business world. The need to have a skill like that is to change the views, attitudes and beliefs of others. The reason this is important is to enable one to be ahead of other people in the same business. Being persuasive is an important skill that has seen organizations train their employees on the art of persuasion (Storey, 1997). All those that have tried can reap the benefits of capturing the attention of their audience with whatever it is they are selling. Persuasive messages have also been used in this trade. They have been used to get different parties interested in the projects and dealings they are in. This paper will review the importance of persuasive messages in attaining the desired results.
When projects are about to be started in any organization, it is the manager’s job to persuade others to follow. Without effective communication as to how the project will help them, it is almost impossible to have the task done (Stiff & Mongeau, 2003). This is where the manager or person in charge will employ the three step writing process. It will be used to write a persuasive message to the subordinates or other parties pertinent to the project. With the employment of this method of writing, the person in charge should be knowledgeable on how to reach the audience (Perloff, 2010).
Trying to convince the managers at whole foods market about the new program will require a persuasive e-mail. This may be used to have them excited about helping with the expanding of the project. The following is an e-mail that will be addressed to the managers at the Whole Foods Markets trying to get them interested in the program developed to help the market reach to more people and also, be appreciated more.
How to Develop Whole Foods for Life Program
Hello, hope your days are filled with good tidings. The reason for writing this message is to find the best solution to the program we developed earlier. The program was about the donation of food to many more parts than the occasional parts usually reached. As seen earlier, the program has been much appreciated by all the people who have sampled some of your products. It will be of great importance if a far broader outreach was created to get to them on a more occasional basis. The project may help benefit this program more with all the places we may get to take your products. Some of your ideas are welcome to ensure that we come up with the best possible way to go about this project. We appeal to all those concerned since we know and appreciate your expertise in this field. We are looking forward to working together and helping more people with this project. Thank you and we are eagerly awaiting your comments and positive feedback soon.

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