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This essay intends to explore the objective behind choosing the field of mass communication as academics in general and political communication in particular. Mass communication as a field of study reflects on the ways individual entities put forward their information to any media house.  …
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Senior College Motivation Letter for Mass Communcation
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Senior College Admission Essay With the growing advancement in technology and globalization, the world has literally come to our door step. And in this era of fast communication, any incident taking place at any part of the world is promptly reported and reaches the rest of the world through the means of television and internet. At such a juncture, the role of media and communication becomes quite potent. An academic bent to the field definitely allows personnel deal with the career more subtly and responsibly. The combination of words “Mass Communication” is a huge umbrella term. This includes reporting in a newspaper, magazine, working in publishing or in media, which again comprises audio and audio-visual mode. At the same time, advertising is also considered under this field of academics.
This essay intends to explore the objective behind choosing the field of mass communication as academics in general and political communication in particular.
Mass communication as a field of study reflects on the ways individual entities put forward their information and feelings to any media house and, at the same time, to the larger mass as well. Since my teenage, I enjoyed the interpersonal communication with people around; I mixed with many unknown people as well. The inquisition and charm associated with the various mode of interpersonal communication almost made me take it as an adventure. With my growing age and maturity, I understood the power of media in the modern world to fame or de-fame any matter. It can even rise to the extent of shaping or de-shaping the future of a nation. ‘With power comes great responsibility’ and as a very conscious and responsible citizen, faculty of political communication fascinated me more than anything else. With the proper streaming and training, I wish to learn and handle the mass media properly and for the great interest of the nation (Mills).
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Mills, C. Wright. The Mass Society. Oxford Press, 1956. Web. 29 Aug. 2012. Read More
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