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Successful Organizational Communication in the Organization - Essay Example

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This paper discusses the importance of organizational change and issues involved by managers in creating effective organizational communication. Organizational communication is highly essential because it improves the relationship between employees and managers in an organization…
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Successful Organizational Communication in the Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational communication is a key tool for motivation among the employees since it improves the employees’ morale. Lack of communication or inappropriate communication in every organization causes conflicts between the employees and managers. Inappropriate communication issue is one of the major causes of conflict in the workplaces and eventually leads to low morale for the employees. Therefore, managers should state clearly to employees on what should be done, how perfectly it should be done, and what can be done to improve the performance. The manager can do this by clarifying to the employees the relationship between personal and company’s objectives, and incorporate the interest of the two. Effective communication within an organization leads to productivity increase. Proper communication enhances good human relation in every company because it encourages suggestions and ideas from workers and employees. Importantly, the organization is encouraged to implement the suggestions, and this increases production at a remarkably low cost. Organizational communication enables employees to submit their comments, work reports, suggestions, and grievances to management. Speedy and effective communication is highly essential because procedures and policies should be clear to avoid confusion, delays, and misunderstandings, and; therefore, harmony is established in all departments, and among all people. Written communication is better in an organization than oral communication. Communication in written form should be clear and concise to avoid misinterpretation. Written communication can be used for future reference because it provides a permanent record and gives a chance to employees on writing down their suggestions and comments. Organizational communication is essential since it allows rationalization. Simply, the management clarifies and explains instructions in a way that employees can comprehend, using downward communication. On the other hand, upward communication in an organization enables workers to air their views to the management. If an employee identifies a problem in motivation, for instance, he or she may use upward communication as well as a rationalization to state the actual impact of the issue on the profitability of the organization. Ideology, in organizational communication, is closely associated with the rationale because downward communication tends to obtain the loyalty of employees. Ideology refers to the philosophy of any organization. Manager’s wish is to make the employees understand the philosophy of the organization. Communication becomes remarkably easy when all employees and managers possess similar goals and ideas. Most of the organizations contain written ideology, which they submit to new employees. Organizational communication helps in problem-solving because organizations hold several meetings to discuss various issues on delivery times, production cycles and price margins. Besides, meetings in an organization discuss unusual situations that affect the productivity of the organization. In the meetings, organizational communication’s key role is to brainstorm potential responses, table problems and finalize solutions. As a result, the organization obtains high benefits from the abilities of those people in the meeting because communication flows horizontally and informally. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business - Organizational Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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