The Functional Divisions and General Purposes of an Organization - Assignment Example

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This essay explores the main premise of open systems theory is that almost all the organizations have a set of common choice with all the other living systems. An understanding of the characteristics of these species allows us to work according to the natural tendencies of an organization…
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The Functional Divisions and General Purposes of an Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Management control systems are composed of all organizational structure, processes, and subsystems which are designed to elicit the behavior that achieves the strategic objectives of an organization at the highest level of performance having the least amount of unintended consequences and risks to the concerned organization. ( Ansari, p. 1) Management control is all about achieving strategic objectives which must be achieved at superior levels of performance while minimizing chances of unintended consequence. Processes form the activities that ensure that the quality controls are accomplished. Subsystems provide the right incentives which are required to shape the behavior. The most important feature in open systems is that of communication. Communication serves as the vital link between the different processes and the internal as well as the external environment. Hence managers must pay stress on communication while devising strategies for their companies. This is important as the absence of communication would render an organization to the closed state in which the organization would cease to exist. The managers should also lay stress on internal communication as well as external communication. Internal communication refers to the communication between the employees in the organization. The strategists should ensure that there is a good communication channel between the employees as well as the top management and every employee grievance is properly addressed by the top management. This would lead to a major trust among the employees and would ensure a good working environment. A lack of communication may result in dissatisfaction among the employees which would affect productivity and efficiency in the long run. Employee dissatisfaction may also lead to high attrition rate among the employees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Functional Divisions and General Purposes of an Organization Assignment.
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