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As the London Olympic Games starts to count down, its volunteers’ training section also prepares for the Olympics. London Olympic Games (hereinafter called as the Games) has attracted thousands of people to be volunteers in 2012. These volunteers are also called “makers.”…
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London Olympic Games Attracting Foreigners
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Purpose of the story As the London Olympic Games starts to count down, its volunteers’ training section also prepares for the Olympics. London Olympic Games (hereinafter called as the Games) has attracted thousands of people to be volunteers in 2012. These volunteers are also called “makers.” And hundreds of international volunteers have joined in too. Understanding why these people are interested in participating in this huge affair, especially international people, and what their thoughts are about the London Olympic Games is the main purpose of the story.
My main method in gathering information is through conducting structured interviews with the makers. My sampling approach is the snowballing strategy, where I start with a friend who is hired to do volunteer work for the games, and asking him to refer me to other makers. Before I conducted my interview, I did preliminary research on the makers, especially their training and experiences, so that I can ask relevant questions. Then, when contacting interviewees for my story, I asked them to refer me to other makers too. After getting the consent of my interviewees, I set the interview time and places with them. Subsequent to collecting the data, I wrote several drafts for the story.
Then, I have thought about doing a website page by HTML style. Below are the things I have done in the HTML page and why I have done in particular ways.
● Setting the images at the top of the page, which show the main topic of the story.
● Choosing light grey colour as the background colour, which will help see the articles clearly.
● Setting up the Username and Password button at the top left of the page.
● Placing the headline size, typeface and background colour of headline, where I chose a big headline that can grab the audience’s attention.
● Inserting a YouTube video which can seize people’s interests.
● Putting a story article in the website page and providing the author’s name, time and word size, and typeface of the article.
● Posting the quotes at the right side of the article, which depict the main opinions of the interviewees, and choosing the quotes’ size and colour.
● Inserting the interviewees’ recorded audio, which provides evidence of the truth of the story.
● Posting a link that will bring readers to the official website of the London Games’ Makers, because this can help people find more information about the volunteer website page.
● Inserting Google map into the website, because it also can help people know the exact address of the London Olympic Games’ holding places and it can also help enrich information regarding the Games.
● Setting up the comments’ items into the page e.g. Name, E-mail, Comments. The comments can be sent by email, which can give an interactive opportunity of giving comments. Read More
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