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In this relationship the media is at the center of it all making, all the drama that goes on in politics and the injustices that are waived by the law clear. The media has played and continue to play an active,…
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Media Journal
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Relationships between Media, Law and Politics There is a big relationship between media the law and politics. In this relationship the media is at the center of it all making, all the drama that goes on in politics and the injustices that are waived by the law clear. The media has played and continue to play an active, vital role in the enforcement of law. In a police officer’s case in which he was charged with raping a teacher proved to be hard for the jury to decide, the media ran a story exposing the perpetrator. All this was the work of news editor Mr. Myler, 59, working for the Daily News (Ansfield 12-14).
New details were recently uncovered with relations to the phone hacking scandals that involved Rupert Murdoch’s papers. The revealed evidence contained names of those involved in the illegal acts plus the lawmakers behind hack.
A panel consisting of British Parliamentary members recently stated that Mr. Murdoch was not the right person to steer an international media company. Investors who have been weary of his control over the company took the report as evidence that leadership change was imminent. The reports have led officials to start speculating on the effect of those remarks to corporations broadcast licensing. A team of reporters who accompanied Mr. Romney report the changes that have started taking place in preparations for the general elections. Some of the changes include the arrival of the secret service, waning of access and course, the buffer between them and the candidates have become common (Kleinfield & Peters 23-25).
Judicial inquiry has been on the case of British newspapers over the recent past trying to get answers on questions between Murdoch and his son James. Besides the judicial, book reviews have covered the relations of Murdoch and his son in connection with the accusations of phone hacking (Burns 14-15).
The immediate issue over the recent past has built around the revelation of the connection between Jeremy Hunt and a lobbyist for Mr. Rupert. Mr. Cameron now wants, according to the reports, the ties verified. A profession at the media limelight has now become victim of the same media. This are reports from China, where several consultations with the editors and media owners gave a hint of how propaganda has really gotten the best of its own machinery at a time of very high political tension (Parker 2-4).
Seven people died, and scores wounded in Nigeria when a suicide bomber launched an attack in a newspaper office. The newspaper company named ‘This Day’ had its daily activities running normally when the terrorist drove in directly to the reception area and launching the attack (Associated press 12-14).
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