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Will compare the U.S. media system to Cuba media system - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The Cuban preamble states that ‘‘….We, Cuban citizens the heirs of the creative works of traditions of heroism and combatively fostered by our ancestors who preferred…
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Will compare the U.S. media system to Cuba media system
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Extract of sample "Will compare the U.S. media system to Cuba media system"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the U.S constitution states that ‘‘…we the people of United States in pursuit of a more perfect union, established justice and domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare do ordain and establish this constitution for the United states of America…’’ (U.S Constitution, preamble)
The research questions include; what is the current state of media systems in the U.S and Cuba. What are the differences between the U.S and Cuba media systems? Is there any relationship between the political structure and the media systems in U.S and in Cuba? To what extent do the political regimes affect the law on media systems in both countries?
This essay is focused on finding out why the media systems are the way they are today and why there are different media systems in the U.S and in Cuba. This essay places its analysis on the relationship between the political structure and the media systems focusing on media news and media policy. U.S and Cuba are examples of two different political regimes, the former believes in capitalism and while the latter believes in socialism.
The objective of this study is to identify the similarities and differences in the media systems of the two countries and to explain the cause of the differences. The study also analyzes the impact of two different political structures on the media system of the two countries.
Comparative analysis is important in social investigation as it sensitizes about variations and similarities. Most of the literature in media only describes the situation in a given country. Comparative analysis also helps in testing hypothesis about the inter-relationships among social phenomena (Halin, 2004). This differences in the political systems leads to comparative analysis, which helps in concept formation and plays a role in causal inference.
In the Cuban constitution, freedom of press is limited. The constitution provides that citizens have freedom of press in keeping with the goals of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Will Compare the U.S. Media System to Cuba Media System Admission/Application Essay.
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