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Enterprise Internet Solutions - Essay Example

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Active Server Pages (ASP) was a revolution in developing web based applications when it first surfaced as a powerful yet simple and easy to use scripting language. However, the continuous advancement in technology has made way to a new and much more powerful version of Classic ASP, known as ASP.Net.
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Enterprise Internet Solutions
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Download file to see previous pages The new controls that ASP.Net provides can be used to develop graphically attractive and well structured applications. The object oriented controls like programmable list boxes and validation controls add to the functionality and control of the overall application.
The applications developed using ASP.Net provides form based authentication including cookie management and automatic redirection of unauthorised login attempts. In addition, 'ASP.Net allows for user accounts and roles, to give each user with a given role access to different server code and executables' (W3, n.d.).
Since the ASP.Net code is compiled at the server upon first request and is kept in the cache memory, the performance of the application is greatly enhanced and response time for users' requests gets lower.
ASP.Net allows real time configuration and maintenance without the need to get the application down. Server is not required to be restarted to make the changes make effect. This provides easier configuration and deployment capabilities, while ensuring availability of the application at all times.
The application requires authentication mechanism whereby the users are authorised to access various parts of the application. ASP.Net provides this feature through its powerful authentication controls as described above.
With the advent of technology, the information needs of the people have increased with a simultaneous increase in the urgency index, to wait for the desired information. Nowadays, everyone prefers to receive information on his/her mobile phone instead to go to a personal computer or open a notebook. As a result of this change, many mobile applications have been developed to cater to the market needs. However, since there is limited space on a cell phone screen, the companies only provide information in a summarised form, having maximum benefit for the user.
Business Requirements Analysis
WFDF may provide following information on mobile phones:
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Enterprise Internet Solutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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