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As such, it is essential for individuals to center on the approaches, which will facilitate effective listening within groups.
A significant difficulty in listening in groups is comprehension that…
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Listening in Group, Working in Groups (5th Edition), author: Isa N. Engleberg and Dianna R. Wynn
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Extract of sample "Listening in Group, Working in Groups (5th Edition), author: Isa N. Engleberg and Dianna R. Wynn"

Task: Listening in a group Listening in a group is increasingly difficult compared to normal listening. As such, it is essential for individuals to center on the approaches, which will facilitate effective listening within groups.
Thesis statement: This paper will center on the difficulties emanating from listening in a group based on the ideologies of Engleberg & Wynn (1).
A significant difficulty in listening in groups is comprehension that arises from listening. Indeed, the aptitude to comprehend; thus, analyze divergent concepts emanating from the listening process is an intricate process. When one fails to comprehend processes, it becomes difficult to respond to divergent scenarios.
Indeed, individuals often employ short-term memory whilst listening in groups. It is rather evident that persons rarely acknowledge group aspects as paramount until it personally appeals to them. As such, it is evident that such persons often conform to short-term memory when they listen in a group.
Thirdly, the inability to invoke a working memory equally presents problems. As described by Engleberg & Wynn in chapter 8, such memory often comes in handy as individuals listen in a group. The capability to appropriately, invoke it often improves functional processes within a given setting (Weiten, Dunn & Hammer 3). Indeed, the ability to comprehend, appropriately apply short-term memory and invoke a working memory is instrumental in propagating listening in a group. Failure to understand such challenges often pose constraints.
Because of the ideologies evident in the paper, it is clear that listening in a group is strenuous since one fails to personally associate with the message. It is necessary to comprehend the resulting phenomenon and initiate appropriate techniques.
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