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Working in Group Dynamics - Essay Example

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As the paper "Working in Group Dynamics" outlines, any working group must assign roles to members, make group decisions, have problem-solving mechanisms, ensure members work coherently with one another and appreciate that conflicts are inevitable in group settings…
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Working in Group Dynamics
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Extract of sample "Working in Group Dynamics"

Working in groups can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. in order to achieve success in group work, it requires that all members share desires and goals; I have worked before in groups where everyone was passionate about our goals and this translated into high-quality work. Those who are chosen as leaders in the group have the responsibility to lead by example. This was not the case with my group for the class Group Dynamics and as such we ended with low grades. For this reason, therefore, I would not wish to ever work with members I worked within this group again since I value my studies and hence don’t want to get low grades again.
I have previously worked with different people and therefore learned that in a group there will always be members who are great leaders and others who just greatly contribute to the group’s success. There are also the careless types who do not care at all and are comfortable with just any grade for as long as it is a pass. I, therefore, understand what it takes for one to be a great group leader. Our Group Dynamics team lacked the kind of person who can measure to the standards of a group leader. Nevertheless, have a strong conviction that our group could have been strong even with no strong leadership but it appeared like some of the members-only wanted to achieve a passing grade. Registering high scores were not their business for as long as they could proceed to the next level and therefore they put minimal efforts towards the success of the group.
The group I worked with this semester had many similarities with other groups on real job sites. It is particularly very had in some instances to bring together different in a group and have them work coherently. In my opinion, this explains the high turnover rates that many companies have to struggle with. Corporations have no time and resources to allow employees long periods to learn one another and work as a team; changes are made almost as immediate as it is discovered that there is not fit. On the other hand class work is an opportunity for all to learn and there every member is required to participate and learn as much as possible as to as to become efficient. Conflicts will always arise in groups but quick amicable solutions ensure that the group remains on course; challenges were there in my group just like any other.
In my opinion, this was a very exciting learning experience as the professor assigned us to groups randomly and this allowed us to learn together with classmates we have not related before. it was almost like a real-world experience where you encounter new people every day and must adjust yourself to work well with anyone. my prayer for any group is just that leadership should be exercised well so that members are focused on meeting the common project goals. our strategy for decision making was one strength I commend my group for; we could easily sit down as a group and discuss the way forward on any arising issues such as meeting deadlines. There was also good bonding which allowed the ease of discussion among members of the group. we all needed to get a passing grade at least and therefore our differences were placed aside when it came to group work and problems were solved in a quick manner.  Read More
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hillsdamaris added comment 9 months ago
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The topic of "Individual Reflection paper- Group dynamic" is quite often seen among the tasks in university. Still, this example opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own paper.
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