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One of those communities is that of Community Stroke Team in which different nursing specialists perform their roles under a team. This team consists of the following…
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Group dynamics working in teams (apply Belbins Theory)
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Roles Community Stroke Team Members - NHS At NHS, there are various kinds of communities that are performing their tasks and duties. One of those communities is that of Community Stroke Team in which different nursing specialists perform their roles under a team. This team consists of the following specialists:
Nursing Occupational Therapists
Language & Speech Therapists
Rehabilitation Assistants
Belbin’s Nine Team Roles
Belbin’s team roles theory, on the other hand, specifies nine team roles that are essential for an effective team. These roles include plant, resource investigator, shaper, monitor-evaluator, coordinator, specialists, implementer, completer finisher and the team worker. These team roles are effectively performed at the Community Stroke Team such that both Nursing Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist play various different roles.
Role of Nursing Occupational Therapists
Nursing Occupational Therapists play the roles of resource investigator, coordinator and monitor-evaluator. Being a resource investigator, he/she seeks out the issues which are causing problems to the patients and he/she searches for resources as how to help out and treat those patients. Being a coordinator, he/she coordinates with other team member in providing the appropriate treatment to the patients. As a monitor-evaluator, he/she keeps monitoring the condition of the patients as well as evaluating the performance of other team members.
Role of Physiotherapists
Physiotherapists have the role of specialist as per Belbin’s effective team’s roles. They perform specialized tasks and duties while remaining in their working capacities.
Organizational Culture
According to Charles Handy’s theory of organizational culture, the culture of Community Stroke Team comes under the role culture. In this culture, the nature of jobs of the team members is not so dynamic and the effectiveness of the performance of the overall team lies on the efforts of every individual working under this team.
Leadership Style
The leadership style is bureaucratic in nature such that the team leader provided fair bit of empowerment to the team members because the job nature of the individual team members remain stable.
NHS Leeds Community Healthcare, 2012. Community Stroke Team. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 February 2012]. Read More
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