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What I Learned from Getting Knocked Around by Steve Macone - Essay Example

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Among the key indicators of an entertaining and captivating piece of literature is its ability to marry the various participants involved in the piece such as the audience, the author, the persona the ethos and most of all the subject or thesis. These key elements form the…
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What I Learned from Getting Knocked Around by Steve Macone
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Extract of sample "What I Learned from Getting Knocked Around by Steve Macone"

Download file to see previous pages Reducing a conflict into bits of a puzzle allows the parties understand it more and construct a conclusion from such a conflict. As such it requires the reader to ask themselves exactly what the arguments are and how the arguments are put together in the conflict.
Steve Macone’s piece “What I learned from getting knocked around” alludes heavily to his profile history and background. The subject and thesis is curved from an almost too popular topic of football a game that is not just a national sport but a source of entertainment for many across the globe. It is a symbol for society and common uniting factor for most audiences. This makes it an even broader thesis and serves to offer a wide background for the interplay of conflict and the presentation of ideas. He presents the subject with a resounding naivity and allows the piece to grow the subject from ground zero letting us through a trip into the world of football. The subject is discussed in the simplicity of the occurrence of the events from a naïve and unfamiliar perspective leaving out the specific expert details and rules. It is an innocent bystanders approach and explanation of football that gives an account of what football is all about.
The purpose of the article falls back to the authors profile and history as an entertainer and comedian. He is in a strict sense and with regard to his accomplishments a crowd pleaser and therefore consciously or subconsciously reaches out to the audience beyond the normal impressive facts about football to the exciting and thrilling experiences of a player. This has the effect of growing multiple intentions and creating mixed reactions on the true purpose of the article. From a conscious stand one would draw a critique of the safety and actual rationale of the game beyond the impressive running and locking of horns between players. he introduces the piece with a rather fragile platform of argument “I’d known there was hitting in football but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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