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Technologies in media have the most potential for the future - Essay Example

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People normally depend on the news in order to broadcast their information on the different topics that make their life. Over the years, news media…
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Technologies in media have the most potential for the future
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Extract of sample "Technologies in media have the most potential for the future"

Download file to see previous pages the television media, which made passing of information be appreciated substantially since it was capable of representing the news using both sound and video (Kumar 43). On the discovery of the internet, the media became transformed immensely. The internet was appreciated in the media field since it helped in effective representation of news and enabled the mass to have the satisfaction in reliability and access of information (Kumar 28). Developments in the digital technology have changed the way individuals get information. In this paper, the use of digital technology in the media for the future generation will be discussed.
The use of digital technology has the most potential for the future in the media industry. Since the development of the digital technology, the media have changed in the way they present news. For instance, with the digital technology, the media have a different way of presenting news from analog to digital. This has made the media give information in an easier and effective way than before. With the emergence of the internet, there have been tremendous changes in the way people get news. People prefer using the internet to get information rather than watching the news on TV (Winston 5). Internet seems to be a development in technology in the media, which is essential for the future generation.
Various reasons have been put forward supporting why the internet has huge potential in the expectations of the media industry. One of the reasons is that; the internet is a quicker way of getting information than all other forms. People are capable of getting information that they require in a single click of a mouse. The internet remains the fastest way of getting any information needed (Uwakwe 63). Hence, a vas number of individuals will rely on the internet now and in the upcoming days, in order to get a report that is needed urgently. The internet is preferred by most individuals since it is possible to research on an item and get a wide range ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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