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Concepts of orientalism and self- orientalism are no longer relevant to discussions of media produced by non-western organisations in the Global South. Discuss - Essay Example

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The twenty-first century and the challenges of the new global economy re-introduce the long debate on the cultural on the “West” and the “Global South.” These debates include the way in which these two categories are constructed, their interactions and the cultural…
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Concepts of orientalism and self- orientalism are no longer relevant to discussions of media produced by non-western organisations in the Global South. Discuss
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Extract of sample "Concepts of orientalism and self- orientalism are no longer relevant to discussions of media produced by non-western organisations in the Global South. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages he West concerning the East (or the Global South which is another term referring to all other countries apart from the elite west) created a form of cultural hegemony and domination. These western discourses often present cultural and ideological justification for colonization of the “Third World” countries and European imperialism. This paper presents a comprehensive examination of Orientalism, including its’ complex and multifaceted creature capable of evolving into other forms such as self-Orientalism, especially in media texts (Freire, 2000:145). The paper also presents several reasons why the self-Orientalism and Orientalism are not important anymore in the discussion of media from Global South by non-western organizations.
Critics of the West argue that the region, through a Eurocentric viewpoint, has positioned itself at the centre of the world, exploiting other communities and countries through imposing cultural transformation and change either through Orientalist discourses parallel to imperialist objectives or colonialist movements. The West further fictionalizes the image of the “orient” in scientific terms by using social sciences such as philology, anthropology, and history, as well as launching propaganda that encompass cinema, painting, literature, and other art fields in effort to actualize this fiction. The orient image created first by scientific terms then socially, thus become engraved in the memory of both the Easterners and the Westerners (Rivero, 2006). These internalized Orientalist discourses and viewpoints cause Westerners to perceive and see Easterners from the image created in their memory. On the other hand, Easterners express and represent themselves from the perceptions of the West and fictionalized image of the West. Therefore, the East tries to shape and conceptualize itself into the “orient image” fictionalized by the West to gain acceptance, subsequently reproducing Orientalist discourse by reproducing and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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