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This has been enhanced through its public relation aimed at promoting domestic tourism among the teens in line with the organization’s goal. The…
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Government and Non-Profit Organizations
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Running head: NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK Topic: Nairobi national park and partnering agencies Nairobi NationalPark has been on the campaign trend in efforts to mobilize young youths to participate in domestic tourism. This has been enhanced through its public relation aimed at promoting domestic tourism among the teens in line with the organization’s goal. The organization has been experiencing low turn-out of local tourist hence has initiated promotion of local tourism through public relation. The goal is meant to increase the number of local people visiting the park as well as having more young people visiting the parks.
In order to meet the above goal in ensuring domestic tourism is promoted, Nairobi National Park has to partner with governmental and non-governmental agencies. This will not only provide joint support but will initiate some other ways of improving tourism among the youths and the local people. Some of the governmental agencies which the organization can partner with include Ministry of sports and youth affairs, Ministry of tourism, as well as institutions of higher learning in Kenya.
The above mentioned government agencies will be highly meaningful in giving support to the realization of the organization goal in various ways. Ministry of sports and youth affairs is in charge of sporting activities in the country as well as establishing the well-being of youths in the country. It therefore has the influence of youths towards visiting the parks. Ministry of tourism is in charge of promoting tourism in the national and international arena. This will provide an avenue for marketing the organization and formulating policies to the local people as well as to the youths hence creating awareness (Jones, 2005). Institutions of higher learning comprising of universities and middle colleges can arrange tour activities such as picnics and adventures to the Nairobi National Park as they are the centre of excellence where many youths are.
Despite the efforts by Nairobi National Park to increase the number of local tourist, there are perceived conflicts which are to arise as it partners with government and other agencies. One of the potential conflicts is on the fee to be charged in the entrance. Most young adults do not have enough money to cater for the higher fees charged hence will conflict with the agencies which may introduce small fees. Additionally, the agencies may want to dominate through imposing policies against the organization. The clash in polices will pose a conflict between the organization and government agencies.
Jones, E. (2005). Tourism SMEs, Services quality, and destination competitiveness. Oxford:
CABI Publishing. Read More
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