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The Reasons for Gang and Gun Crime in the UK - Coursework Example

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The paper “The Reasons for Gang and Gun Crime in the UK” explains the gang crime rates by family disruption, economic recession, alcoholism, and drug addiction, and an ineffective justice system. Optimism is inspired by governmental and non-profit organizations’ programs for the care of minors…
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The Reasons for Gang and Gun Crime in the UK
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Extract of sample "The Reasons for Gang and Gun Crime in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages People who argue that poverty causes crime suggest that crime for basic necessities is highly prevalent among impoverished. However, all converge at the point that policy formulation is essential to combat the rampant increase of gang crime among the youth. This paper tends to analyze the factors associated with this issue and the recent developments initiated by the UK government toward the effective control of the gang and gun crime.
Reports indicate that gang crime rate in the UK is going to achieve the level of USA (Smith, 2010). Due to the increased level of gang crime and violence among adolescents, the UK society has failed to utilize its youngsters’ abilities for productive purposes. For instance, youngsters who are influenced by gang activities do not pay adequate attention to their academic studies. According to a recent Metropolitan Police report, “there were 171 gangs in London with a quarter involved in murders and half involved in serious assaults.” (ibid). The report also says that 80% of the gang members involved in gun or knife crimes. Obviously, the alarming increase in gang crime would spoil the cultural image of the nation before the global community. 
Although there is no universal agreement on the legal age of alcohol consumption, the modern UK youngsters tend to take alcohol from their early adolescence. According to the survey results of British Office of Population Census and Surveys, among 13-year-old students, 79% of individuals consume alcohol whereas 29% of them drink once a week (Farrell, 1988). Although a majority of young generation maintain the habit of drinking while they get together, the level of alcohol consumption varies from person to person. Studies have proven that young males consume more alcohol as compared to young females. Although doctors have suggested a little quantity of alcohol against coronary heart disease, youngsters do not consider the term ‘little quantity’. It is seen that most of the youngsters in the UK tend to take alcohol when they engage in gang activities. The over-consumption of alcohol would cause a variety of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic pancreatitis, alcoholic liver diseases, and cancer. Alcoholism is the root cause for a majority of social crimes since it leads individuals to a stupor state. A younger generation without having thinking power cannot contribute to the prosperity of its nation. When a gang becomes alcoholic, the loss suffered by the country would be much higher. Researches point out that alcoholism is the main motivation for the assaults and murders among gangsters. In recent days, drug consumption among the UK gangsters has also increased as a result of increased drug availability. Hashish which has a hallucinogenic effect on brain is commonly used by UK gangsters. The increased influence of alcohol and drugs has intensified sexual crimes also among UK youngsters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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