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The audience consumes what the media produces. In this context, audience refers to the people who specifically receive a media text. A media carrier transmits a media text…
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Media producer
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Media Producer In the world of journalism, mass media, and communication, the aspect of the audience is very fundamental. The audience consumes what the media produces. In this context, audience refers to the people who specifically receive a media text. A media carrier transmits a media text to the audience. Media carriers receive and store messages and include televisions, newspapers, radios, mobile phones, magazines, and the internet. Media producers address media texts to particular audience that will interpret the messages reasonably (Hanes, 2000). Media producers plans, reviews, and administers all activities related with preparing an effective media text (ASRI, 2012). A considerable and significant relationship is cropping up between the audience and media producers.
The audience is actually playing the role of a media producer in a way. This is because television producers need the audience for their programmes. Without the audience, there no need to produce a media text. Hence, the taste, age, gender, lifestyles, income, and television watching and reading habits of the audience determine the choice of a media text (Wilson, 2011). Because of this, media producers seek to satisfy their audience in producing the media text in order to remain commercially active. Additionally, many media producers are also the audience and vice versa. The audience chooses and influences the media texts to consume through interactions and discussions. Thus, the audience dictates the media texts to be produced thus acting as a media producer.
I have acted as a media producer in relevant ways. Through online forums, mobile phone, and physical interactions with fellow fans and people interested in my favorite media texts. Indeed, we discuss the progress of a certain programme, its content, and its timing. We consequently air our suggestions and possible disappointments to the media producers that are available online. In some occasions, we have complained on missed programme episodes, changed the programme airing time, and even requested for replays. In conclusion, the quality of the engaged audience dominates over the quantity of the audience in the modern media production.
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Media Producer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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