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In this speech, he touches on various areas of the economy. For instance, he talks about the building of infrastructures such as railways, bridges and roads…
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Summary and analysis speech
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Summary and Analysis Speech al Affiliation: The speech Obama gave to the Ohio citizens touches more on the economic condition of thestate (, 2011). In this speech, he touches on various areas of the economy. For instance, he talks about the building of infrastructures such as railways, bridges and roads which can accommodate today’s traffic. As a result, he asks the congress to pass bills which will favor employment of workers for facilitating these companies. Hence, there is need to construct new construction companies which will employ engineers, carpenters and plumbers, architects, masons and workers according to (2011). He also argues of improving the condition of schools which will lead to employment of teachers. According to him this will help America in restoring the laid down teachers.
This speech also touches on the issue of taxes, whereby he urges big corporations and the wealthy Americans to pay taxes of a fair share in order to raise the countrys income for purpose of development. Obama raises the issue of middle class workers being highly taxed as compared to high class workers. He gives an example of construction worker earning $50,000 paying more tax than a person earning $50 million as suggested by (2011). Hence he promises a change of the situation as it is all about priorities and choice. His urge is for an economy which respects hard work values as well as responsibilities. He also talks about creating jobs fro veterans who have played an important role in fighting for the country. He encourages people to open businesses and al should strive to contribute to the success of the country in all ways possible.
In heroic citizenship it requires the citizens to sacrifice their personal independence and strive to build a strong community spirit through their independence. Hence in as far as this speech is concerned; the idea of heroic citizenship has been implied. For instance the president urges the wealth citizens (who are independent) to pay their fare share of tax in order to boost the economy of the country for the best of the whole community. He also implies this concept by asking the congress to pass the jobs bill in order to create employment for different workers. Therefore, Obama urges the citizens to portray the heroic citizens which will help improve the economic condition of Oho and America as a whole.
The concept of crisis refers to an event likely to lead to an unsteady and harmful condition affecting a person, community, a group or society. In this speech, the concept of crisis has been also been implied. For instance the economy as described by Obama seems to be on crisis as country is experiencing poor infrastructures, lack of employment and poor means of tax payment. As a result he urges the senate to pass bills which will help in restoring him country’s economy. Moreover crisis is implied in the presence of poor infrastructures has negatively affected the transport industry hence affecting forgetting the commercial activities.
Cincinnati. Com. (Sep. 22, 2011). Remarks of President Barack Obama – As Prepared for Delivery ,On the American Jobs Act,Cincinnati, Ohio. Retrieved from: Read More
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Summary and Analysis Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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