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This is in an effort to re-invigorate the customary connection between farmers and consumers (Cobos 12). The certified farmers markets are places where genuine farmers trade…
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Farmer Market
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Task: Channel Islands Harbor Farmers Market Channel Islands farmers market is market established under the certified market concept in California. This is in an effort to re-invigorate the customary connection between farmers and consumers (Cobos 12). The certified farmers markets are places where genuine farmers trade their produce directly with consumers. This is exactly what happens in Channel Islands Harbor Farmers Market. Individual farmers have booths in the market where they sell their yields. The produce sold in the farms comes directly from the farmers’ farms.
The market provides noteworthy advantages to the farmers. The market provides a means for moving small volumes of produce away from the bulky quantity supply channel. Additionally, the farmers are able to sell field run produce not confined to pack and grade standards. For example, a farmer can vend naturally ripened fruits too fragile for packing and transport processes. To the consumers, it presents many benefits including improved value. The products are fresh from the farms, and direct sales ease the prices.
Some of the farmers owning booths in the market include Max Ortiz and his sister Sally Ortiz and Jose Arreola. The Oartizs run the Ojai Valley Sprouts. Ortiz began growing sprouts more than 15 years ago for his health; he later began selling them to others. Currently, he grows them in his greenhouse and sells them in 12 CF markets. His sprouts include cashew, lentils, peas, wheat berries and sunflower seeds. In his account, sprouting elevates the nutritional value of the seeds by boosting vitamins A, B and C.
The Jose and his son, Peter, run the Arreola Farm booth. Arreola farm is now a private company established in 2008; however, Jose has been farming all his life. With approximate annual sales of about USD 80,000, Jose hopes that the farm will pay off his sons’ tuition. In the booth, they boast of a variety of produce which include lettuces, arugula, spinach, jicama, giant leeks. The produce also includes a variety of potatoes, golden beets and romaine.
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Cobos, Eliana. Farmers Markets in California. Kansas, KS: Kansas State University, 2004. Print. Read More
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