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Economy - Market structure & Macroeconomy - Essay Example

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The port of Mombasa lies within the oldest major city in Kenya. What once served as a gateway for traders from Saudi, Arabia, India and Asia has become not only the largest East African port, but also a blend of culture, history and industry. …
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Economy - Market structure & Macroeconomy
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Extract of sample "Economy - Market structure & Macroeconomy"

Download file to see previous pages Mombasa has endured rule of many different nations, from the Portuguese in the 12th century to the British more recently, until gaining its independence in 1963. The completion of a railway from Mombasa to Uganda in 1901 serves as the link between the port and the rest of Kenya, as well as surrounding East African countries. While Mombasa is an important shipping port for imports and exports along the East African coast, it is also a popular tourist area, with many hotels to the North and South of the 15 square km island. The population of Mombasa is roughly 900,000. Over one fourth of all workers in Kenya are employed in Mombasa working in the port itself, in manufacturing, and in tourism. Tourism, and particularly that of visiting naval ships, is an important aspect of the economy, accounting for nearly 40% of Mombassa’s revenues. Among its many exports are coffee, flowers, vegetables, textiles and livestock. Problems that the port has encountered since the early 1990s include a declining economy that is said to be the result of price controls, import licensing and foreign exchange controls. Like Nairobi, the largest city in Kenya, the city of Mombassa has experienced an increase in population, though on a much smaller scale. This is a continuing problem across Eastern Africa, and solutions for “secondary cities” (Otiso, 2005, p.117) in which occupants can live and work to sustain themselves is elusive. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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