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The article talks about the effect of television on the audience and that the more the violent exposure, the more changes it brings about in the societal behavior of individuals. It talks about various factors in that enhance or diminish the effects of the social behavior…
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Running head: Cultivation Theory Cultivation Theory s Cultivation Theory – Research Proposal The article talks about the effect of television on the audience and that the more the violent exposure, the more changes it brings about in the societal behavior of individuals. It talks about various factors in that enhance or diminish the effects of the social behavior. Exploratory research needs to be carried out as the problem needs to be clearly defined. Both qualitative and quantitative data shall be compiled for this research. Some questions that can be asked or hypothesis that can be made are
Does exposure to television alters the social behavior of the individual in society?
Does watching violent programming induce the viewer to become violent?
How much reality do the programs on television depict?
By this research the author wanted to know what effects, if any, did the exposure to television had if the third variable was changed. The third variable could be the change in the social or demographic class, the age of the viewer, the country of the viewer or their believability in television as real depiction of life. Therefore we need to find out the effect of a third variable in viewing television shows and the changes in social behavior they generate.
This is important because if extended exposure to such violent shows has an effect on the social behavior of the children then steps must be taken to control this so that violence does not become a norm in the coming generation. If seeds of a violent society are being sowed then it is a serious issue to be looked upon. This research should be carried over a long period of time though and the television shows must be divided into specific and distinct categories. Also the cognitive thinking ability of theses viewers should be taken into account. Read More
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COMM Research Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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