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 This essay discusses effective business communications. It analyses a request indicates interest which makes the persuasive follow-up sales letter the perfect choice. As the letter should show the recipients the benefits of this particular product or service and why they want it…
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Analysis of Business Communications
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Analysis of Business Communications
Effective business communications are essential to all types of organizations. Therefore, wise business people avail themselves of every opportunity to keep current and prospective clients apprised of their products and services. Consequently, if a sales presenter is asked to deliver a sales letter that summarizes the presentation this should certainly be done accurately and immediately. Such a request indicates interest which makes the persuasive follow-up sales letter the perfect choice. As the letter is summarizing the presentation, it should show the recipients the benefits of this particular product or service and why they want it. For that to happen the receivers must actually want to read the letter and not just put it aside in the belief that they know what it contains. Therefore, the letter should begin with an attention-getting statement and then proceed (incorporating the summarization) to state how the writer can meet the reader’s needs, ending with a request for action and a thank-you for having been given the opportunity to explain to them how much they will enjoy this product or service (Stewart et al, 1986).
Having received the bad news from the president of the company that the Accounting Department has overcharged client ABC $12,023 in May 2008, the Marketing Specialist would immediately go into damage control. To do this, the help of Sue Smith in Accounting is required; and in order for her to do so, she must be made aware of the situation. This should be done in a respectful and non-accusing manner, which makes the contact very important. A good approach would be for the Marketing Specialist to deliver a written memo—marked confidential and urgent-- to her office that would contain the same information from the president that he received. He would tell her that he realized that she might require a little time to digest the
contents, but that he would like to meet with her in her office, where most of the

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accounting material is kept., in an hour, if she can be available, because this is top priority.
There is probably no easy way to deliver a message such as the one written by the President. If the Marketing Specialist had simply gone into Sue Smith’s office to verbally deliver this message, he might have got no further than that they had overcharged Client ABC $12,023 in May 2008 before she would have become upset and begun to pepper him with questions regarding if it was an honest mistake, if someone might be embezzling, and so forth. By being left alone to read and to digest the whole message, she would, hopefully, be relatively calm for her meeting with the Marketing Specialist who had promised, when he delivered the memo, to work with her to resolve the problem, that she was not in this alone.
The fact that the email came from the President only resulted in the Marketing Specialist receiving what he believed to be relatively reliable information along with actions he was to take, one of which was to contact Sue Smith. The President did not, however, indicate the manner in which Sue Smith was to be contacted. By giving Sue Smith time to digest the contents of the information-containing memo and telling her that she was not alone and that they would work together to rectify the situation, the Marketing Specialist, who was most likely her superior, was probably well versed in and an advocate of the Human Relations Movement (Starke et al, 1992).

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Starke Frederick A. and Sexy Robert W. Contemporary Management. Scarborough, Ontario:
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Stewart, Marie M., Zimmer Kenneth, and Clark Lyn R. Business English and Communication.
Toronto, Ontario: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited. 1985. Read More
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