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 This paper proposes an implementation of modern communications technologies such as personal digital assistants, smartphones, e-mail systems to improve efficiency, reduce costs and create a better business standing competitively and in relation to stakeholder relationship development.  …
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Communication Technology in Business
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Download file to see previous pages  Businesses that do not maintain adequate communications systems face significant breakdowns inefficiency, cultural development, customer satisfaction, and even profitability. This is why organizations require planning and implementation of communications technologies to ensure that business leaders and support employees have the ability to compete in a rapidly-globalizing business world. Communications technologies provide for instant communications and real-time data transfer, thus creating more predictable business systems and also better knowledge exchange. The ability to communicate with organizational employees, managers, and executives greatly improve the ability to meet vision and mission goals associated with the business. In healthcare, especially, communications technologies improve patient care and also avoid errors that can cost the organization considerable profits. Technology in communication has changed the way businesses communicate with each other. Web-based meetings, Personal PDA’s, E-mail, Internet chat rooms and cloud computing are essential for keeping our business viable in today’s growing technological world. This report highlights the need for communications technologies at our health care facility to improve our standing as a world-class health center. The costs of establishing age-old technologies to improve business function as considerable. Written communication methods are outdated and often involve considerable bureaucracy to ensure that written files are delivered timely and accurately. Further, written documentation puts a great deal of strain on the environment and therefore becomes a social responsibility issue for this health firm. Currently, nurses and physicians rely on documentation for patient dosing, charted analysis of patient care and symptoms, and also inter-office memos describing new health care policies. It is inefficient and does not serve the needs of this health care center. Older communications technologies, such as television-based training programs used in human resources, require significant costs for implementation of fiber-optic lines, display screens, and the costs of producing multi-media videos. This healthcare facility has relied on these archaic systems for too long and it has greatly disrupted profitability as it relates to operational budget.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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