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It happened in Los Angeles, California. The Mexican Americans and Military servicemen were the main parties’. This paper will analyze how the Latino communities were represented during the zoot suit era and…
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Discussion s
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Latino community during the Zoot suits riots Zoot suit riots were a series of riots in 1943 during World War II. It happened in Los Angeles, California. The Mexican Americans and Military servicemen were the main parties’. This paper will analyze how the Latino communities were represented during the zoot suit era and the end result of the riot.
According to the main stream press, zoot suits riots occurred due to unexpected population explosion in Los Angeles, by Mexican refugees. This led to racial differences. The Mexican Americans were expected to remain unseen and unheard in public places. The youths were seen as cultural rebels who went against American values and customs (Pagan, 159).
The ethnic press on the other hand explains that zoot suits riots were caused by racial tension between Mexicans (Latino youths) and whites. The Latinos were separated and lived in the oldest houses in areas of the city. They experienced job discrimination where they worked for below-poverty level wages. This created a lot of tension between Latinos and whites. They picked up their own music, language and way of dressing. The men wore zoot suits that included a long coat with baggy pegged pants, a pork pie hat and a long key chain and shoes with thick soles. Their way of dressing later came to be to be associated with criminality and gangsterism. In the 1930s the media referred to the Latinos as Chicanos while they referred to themselves as Pachuca (Solomon, 22).
Result of the riots
Later, war erupted between Mexicans wearing zoot suits and Los Angeles authorities. Young Latino males were assaulted and more than 500 of them were arrested. Los Angeles city council later banned the wearing of zoot suits.
Work cited
Edwardo, Pagan. Murder at the sleepy lagoon. Los Angeles: University of north carolina press,
2006. Print.
L, Solomon. Roots of justice. New York: Chardon press, 1998.Print. Read More
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