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See the upload powerpoint - Essay Example

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While most of the organization’s agenda is concerned more about achieving the organization’s goals, the change will have the staff and the customers at the centre. Unlike certain small organizations, the CEO will oversee the whole transition process in order to work towards…
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See the upload powerpoint
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Speech Presentation Indeed, organizational transition is very important in the sense that it enables the adoption of new management strategies in addition to providing the platform for restructuring.
While most of the organization’s agenda is concerned more about achieving the organization’s goals, the change will have the staff and the customers at the centre. Unlike certain small organizations, the CEO will oversee the whole transition process in order to work towards attaining the goals and vision of the organization.
Before any agreements or negotiations begin, it will be helpful to bring on board site managers and directors for an extensive briefing.
Nonetheless, a no-holds-barred Question and Answer session will be important before the actual briefing begins
Since this will be an intensive discussion and negotiation, it will be imperative that no one leaves the venue until the committee comes up with an amicable solution.
Since the topics of discussion s will bear some elements of contention, it is vital that all the managers and director involved possess adequate confidence levels in order to for them to answer questions raised by employees in an exhaustive and clear manner.
Essentially, I will make a video video explaining the possible problem and the proposed response to it.
Perhaps part of the approach towards the solution will include the holding of all-hands meetings at each company site
This will entails all the site managers responding to all the questions that will be raised at their various respective sites.
Another important aspect in the exercise will be the fact that the CEO will be CEO talking about the problem and solution in order to show leadership personal communication.
In order for the changes to go on smoothly, I will have to appoint a change manager to oversee the success of the same. In this case, the individual so appointed will only act as an overseer and not a boss.
As far as putting structures in place to complement the transition, it will be necessary to ssetting up transition monitoring teams in the Stevens Mills and Grandview plants, as well as other units that are significantly affected by the changes.
These will include setting up of new channels of upward communication and engaging the TMTs besides acting on crucial advice. Read More
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(See the Upload Powerpoint Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
See the Upload Powerpoint Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“See the Upload Powerpoint Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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