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He was her fortress and she could always rely on him for any support that she needs. Joan was closer to her dad than her mom. They often go together biking or jogging during weekends. Joan is an only child who lives with her…
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Traumatic or emotional
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Goodbye Daddy Joan Davis considered her dad as her super hero. He was her fortress and she could always rely on him for any support that she needs. Joan was closer to her dad than her mom. They often go together biking or jogging during weekends. Joan is an only child who lives with her parents. She is a 3rd year college student of the University of South Florida. She remembers vividly what happened on the fateful day of October 19, 2008. It was 7:00 in the morning and Joan was preparing to go to school. Usually, his father is the first to wake up but on that day, when Joan went down to eat her breakfast, she just saw her mother in the kitchen. She asked where his father was and her mother answered that he has not gone down yet.
Right after that moment, Joan saw his father going down the stairs with difficulty. He was holding his chest with his face, a picture of someone trying to catch his breath.
Joan asked him what was wrong with him but he did not answer. Her mother went by the side of her father and helped bring him to the sofa to let him lie down. At this point, Joan became frantic and suggested that they call 911, her mother agreed.
Meanwhile, Joan felt so nervous seeing her dad trying to catch his breath. She also noticed cold sweats on his forehead. Her mom loosened the shirt of his dad and added pillows under his head. Both Joan and her mom were at a loss on what to do. Suddenly, Joan noticed that her dad lost consciousness.
It was at this point that Joan started wailing really hard while her mom was sobbing. Joan tried to give artificial respiration, though she really does not know how. Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang and it was the paramedics. The paramedics said that her dad was suffering from a heart attack and that he needed to be brought to the hospital as soon as possible. They also said that both Joan and her mom can ride with them in the ambulance but that they should stay calm. They slowly lifted up Joan’s dad to the stretcher and placed him inside the ambulance.
Joan rode in the ambulance with her mom. She watched intently as the paramedics were trying to revive his dad. Joan was filled with fear because she can see that the paramedics’ efforts seem futile. Her dad was still unconscious. She was worried for her dad and at the same time she wanted to be strong for her mom. She struggled to regain her composure and hugged her mom tightly to comfort her. She began to pray silently asking God’s intervention. She never prayed so hard in her life. She asked God to take care of her dad. She prayed that it is nothing serious. She also prayed for strength for her and her mom.
When they reached the hospital, Joan’s dad was rushed to the emergency room. She and her mom were told to wait outside the ER. Joan considered that moment as the longest wait of her life. Suddenly, a doctor from the ER went out and approached them. He gave the sad news that her dad has passed away. He told them that they did everything they could but they were not successful in bringing him back.
Upon hearing the news, her mom shouted the name of her dad and cried loudly. Joan was in a state of shock. She cannot believe what she just heard. She thought, “Is this just a dream? If it is, I want to wake up right now!” But it was not a dream, it was real.
Deep inside, she partly blamed herself for not being able to give the proper CPR immediately to his dad. But she also knew that if it was God’s plan for her father to die, she cannot do anything about it. She remembered the bible verse, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” She has to surrender everything to Him and accept His will. For now, she has to be the support that her mother needs.
To this day, Joan still feels sad remembering the day her father died. Although that day was truly traumatic for her, she knows that someday the pain will go away and only the memories of her happy days with her dad will live on.
This experience changed Joan and her mom’s lives. They became closer to each other and they spent more time together. She now goes biking and jogging with her mom, like what she used to do with her dad. She had to support her mom financially. But more than that, her support was the love and care that she gives to her. Read More
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Traumatic or Emotional Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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