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Dance was a term that I used for moving to music. It wasn’t until I attended this class that I really began to understand that dance is a form of art. The emotional content of dance was something I never truly considered until I watched ballet with more informed eyes. …
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Dance Reflection Essay
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"Dance Reflection Essay"

Download file to see previous pages Instead of just a series of wiggles and shakes, dance has become, for me, an emotional experience that can be enjoyed on an artistic level. As I approach the end of this class, I will leave having had my viewpoint changed by an instruction on dance that is full of history, amazing athletics, and surprising emotions.
Dance has a rich and vibrant history. In fact, even before history was written, people were creating music and expressing their joy, sorrow, spirituality, and pain. As events of life occurred, people would dance to celebrate, to appease their gods, and to announce a call to war. Whether it be with nothing other than a drum, or with the complicated musicality of a full orchestra, dance has been a part of human life throughout its history. Even in today’s life, weddings, schools, some churches, and crowds of people at music events, dance with the joy of the movement in their body. During the period of history that would be most often referred to as primitive, dance was considered a way to express and celebrate the events of life and community. As couples wed, sought to birth children, express their sorrow over death, prayed for a good harvest and release their anger over injustice, primitive cultures would use symbolic gestures accompanied by beats as a means to share those things with each other.
The earliest evidence of dance would come from paintings and pieces of art. According to James Redmond, in his book Dance, Dance, and Music, “many vase paintings are much earlier than the earliest possible dates for the beginning of organized dramatic performances at Athens and may therefore provide testimony to the character of the pre-dramatic activities which were to grow into fifth century tragedy and comedy.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Art and art forms all through the history has proved instrumental in deliverance and reflection of social and cultural values. With relevance to the Western culture, even in days dating back to centuries, dance had been an ideal tool for individuals to demonstrate their skills especially relating to their awareness on fashion, behavior physiologies and of course the sense of rhythm and timing . However this opportunity was limited to the wealthier part of the society because mastering the skill of dance in those days involved coaching sessions from dance teachers which were affordable to the common public. (The library of Congress, 2008). However in the nineteenth...
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...Question The program is based more on an as the describes part of events that took place during the program. That is, the author tells us some of the experiences encountered from an event which he/she attended. Question 2 Yes, I knew what I was going to see. The concert was about performance of art. I expected to see various dances such as ballet dancing. Question 3 The information I knew about the program was that there were professional dancers who were to perform during the concert. Question 4 Yes, I did arrive early for the program. I arrived 20 minutes early so as to gather as much information as possible about the program. Question 5 The other audience was thrilled by the program. They were moved...
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...Dance - Dancing in the Rain vs. Revelations From initial viewing, Dancing in the Rain and Revelations appear to be extremely different especially because of the settings. Dancing in the Rain exudes more energy as compared to Revelations. While the former consists mainly of sharp movements, the latter has movements that are fluid and easy on the eye. Revelations shows movements that are musical, while Dancing in the Rain has sudden pulses which though at first seem to go against the beat, fall into a pulsating rhythm. The two dances, however, bear semblance as they keep rising and falling. The aspect of level is well maintained, and...
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...Dance Beyonce’s music video, Get me Bodied, and Bob Fosse’s Rich Man’s Frug have quite visible similarities. Anyone watching the two videos can make out that Beyonce has copied Fosse’s style. The similarity becomes evident at around 01:15 of Beyonce’s video when everyone goes quiet at her entrance and wonders aloud “who is it”. Not only is has this style been taken from Fosse’s video but Beyonce has gone so far as to even copy the angles and art direction. Take for example the shot where four girls come in the scene and say “who is it”. Besides this, the setting and environment of the two videos is quite similar as well. Beyonce’s video is only a modern version of Fosse’s, with differing dance...
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... movies because dance crews engage in dance battles that are contributing to the rise of hip hop. The dances are energy intensive activities from a culture that promotes the ingenuity of youth. It allows dancers to integrate their styles, reflecting a culture that values creativity. References Watkins, S. C. (2005). Hip hop matters: Politics, pop culture, and the struggle for the soul of a movement. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.... Hip hop Dance Analysis Hip Hop Dance Analysis The Space Dance and Arts center offers a variety of dance es. Hip hop is one of its most popular classes.It refers to street dance styles that are performed to hip...
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...For purposes of this assignment, the I took was en d “African Dance” and taught at the local community center. As such, it allowed me to gain a more insightful and hands on understanding of the way in which culture was reflected within African dance, the impact that it has, continues to have, and the means through which different expressions evoke and express distinct cultural meanings to the participants. Within such an understanding, the following brief paper will provide the reader with a broader understanding for how this dance class gave me a wider range of cultural appreciation for the way in which such dances are reflected and...
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Reflection paper for a dance class (2 pages) about a movie dance take the land
...Your full November 3, Reflection The movie ‘Take the Lead’ is the story of a dance teacher, Pierre Dulaine, who teaches dance to a group of problem students of the New York public school system, with the intention to teach them team spirit, confidence, dignity, and trust. Pierre has to fight against the ignorance and prejudice he observed in the students, teachers and parents. Initially, his tastes are in stark conflict with that of his students’, but finally they work together to create a totally new kind of dance style. This paper is a personal reflection on the movie. The story is based on a true anecdote of a ballroom dancer, who decides to give his...
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...Batsheva is an Israeli dance company which was first established with the financial back up of Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild. This dance company first began as a repertory company in the American Mold. The founding mother of the group Martha Graham was the mother of modern Dance and she served as the group’s artistic advisor. With time, the dancer trained with passion and took their time to learn some of the Choreographers acclaimed works. With time, the Tel Aviv-Based Company became part of the American modern dance’s family. They danced with vigor to the extent of winning the hearts of even their critics. According to Clive Barnes () called them...
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