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For effective planning to occur, all relevant data must be collected and analyzed.
Implementation communication. Once communication either verbal or written…
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Communication journal article
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Communication Journal Article Communication Journal Article Topic The article addressed the common themes found in popular press books regarding organizational change. The key concepts outlined in the article are as follows:
Planned change referring to the thorough thought put into the initiation and implementation of change in an organization. For effective planning to occur, all relevant data must be collected and analyzed.
Implementation communication. Once communication either verbal or written has been done, follows ups must be done to ensure implementation occurs. For more effective implementation, managers may incorporate training programmes for their subordinates.
Managerial advise sort from professional consultants relating to their area of expertise.
Popular press books offer approaches for dealing with the initiation of change.
Communication plays a vital role in the running of any organization whereby change implementation is an integral part of the managerial processes. For effective implementation of change, communication both verbal and written has to be effected. Once communication has occurred, the next step is verification of the information passed and finally improvement of the systems previously in place.
Justification(s) for Study
It is less tedious and time consuming for people to read popular press book summaries to obtain information rather than reading many bulky books on the same topics.
Those taking advice are better equipped to face the challenges of implementing the advice once they have a clear understanding of the key themes shown in books.
Goal(s) of Study
To look for the dominant themes in the popular press books. Dominant themes refer to the styles frequently used in advice.
To show how the press books highlight issues regarding communication.
Research Hypothesis
What are the major themes in many popular press books related to organizational change? 
Research Method(s)
Participants- Authors of bestselling books relating to the implementation of change
The authors each read part of their books and outlined the major themes found in each book after which they shared the findings. Discussions were done and relevant changed made on all the findings.
Each author then read a different book and made an analysis which was then compared to their previous findings.
Communication, both verbal and written serves to relay information and create a vision for the free flow of information. It is noted that motivation works best in the implementation of change as opposed to intimidation and threats. People are more inclined to accept change when their opinion is sort regarding the matter at hand.
Change occurs in stages and it’s thus paramount for the change agents to emphasize the need for communication in every stage by following a well organized communication plan. Managers can opt to use informal networks such as grapevines in the organization to enhance their subordinates’ participation in the change process.
Promoting communication and managing the contents of communication will enhance adaptation of change into the organization.
Press books appreciate the need for communication in the implementation of change.
Authors come up with trends regarding communication and change in order to enhance the sale of their books. It is therefore the readers’ decision whether to follow these trends or draw their own conclusions.
Readers should consider the relevance of information retrieved from books to their specific situations or organizations.
Lewis, L., Schmisseur, A., Stephens, K., and Weir, K. (2006, April). Advice on communicating during organizational change. Journal of Business Communication, 43, 113-137.
Laurie K. Lewis, University of Texas, Master of Communication and Information Studies. 
Amy M. Schmisseur, University of Kansas, B.S.; M.A.
Keri K. Stephens, Texas State University, Ph.D Communication Studies. 
Kathleen E. Weir, University of Texas, J.D. (with honors).  Read More
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