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Point of Presence Advertising - Essay Example

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In the essay "Point of Presence Advertising" the author presents an analysis of Point of Presence advertising which is carried out to attract customers through special offers, free gifts, discount schemes etc designed and executed at the retail outlet itself. In the end the author presented some short essays…
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Point of Presence Advertising
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Extract of sample "Point of Presence Advertising"

Download file to see previous pages The author planned to purchase a movie named Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring on recommendation of a friend and came across a pack of all the three movies of Lord of the Ring series at a price that was 20% less than the overall cost had the movies been purchased separately. The author realized that he anyway had to purchase the other two movies to complete the story and was delighted to get all the three of them at 20% discount. In the second purchase instance, the author was delighted to realize the value of the package as he owns both a Sony digital camera and Handy Cam. The total price was cheaper by 15%. Such product promotion advertisements resulted in positive impact on the author because the overall value of the buying decisions improved although the author didn’t had planned for part of the purchase. The effectiveness of these two “Point-of-Sale” advertisements resulted in win-win deal for both the store and the author – the store increased the net sale value and the author got more useful products at lesser cost. The author was not at all annoyed but was happy with the sales girl for introducing these offers.
Massy and Frank (1966. pp383) presented the findings of an exploratory study on behavior of retailer advertising thus establishing some interesting empirical generalizations. They could prove that the brands sell differently in different stores and the support to a brand depends upon the brand’s market share in a particular store type. The author discovered a linkage of this theory with the research by Kumar and Leone (1988. pp178-179) which stated that many customer packaged good manufacturers have resorted to funding short term sales promotion at the store level which primarily has two distinct advantages – the effectiveness of promotions can result in on the spot sales activity and the store management takes pride into participating in on the spot campaigns given increased margins & commissions.Both the manufacturer and the store management gain in this process – the former achieves brand promotion & quick sales and the latter achieves improved profitability of the store.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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