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The Role of Multimodal Communication in Cooperation - Essay Example

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The results presented in this paper “The Role of Multimodal Communication in Cooperation” are concerned with the analysis of the communication in the situation of control. The part played by multi modal resources in communication mechanisms can be modified…
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The Role of Multimodal Communication in Cooperation
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Download file to see previous pages The knowledge about the topics, beliefs, targets, nature etc must coincide for good results. These common grounds must be checked before the interaction. After that the interaction can expand the basis of linguistic and physical co presence. In expanding the scope of the communication, the media is capable of restraining the ease of attaining the common ground. The commonality in the methods is also affected in following the medium of communication. It is better to develop theoretical understanding of the attitudes of shared visual spaces. This improves grounding and also the performance regarding the topics of common belief. 1
After this the parameters that make difference in visual communication systems that are used for complex and collaborative researches were considered. By applying these features to real world settings, the pragmatic way of deploying these methods to attain more benefits for reasonable costs can be assessed. If this is successful, then creating of a technology that enables the accurate estimation of the focus attention in the settings can be determined. This is believed to be an important role the visual channel can play.
There are some techniques available for analysis of effectiveness of multimodal interaction. The potential of psycholinguistic models were recognised to have this potential. Though they are recognised to have potential of analysing, there are some limitations. The techniques based on conversation analytic model of breakdown and repair can be termed as the rational approach for introducing a protocol for coding repair. The terms in this approach are computer mediated communication, evaluation and conversation analysis. 
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