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Name Professor Module Date The Benefits of College Sports College sports are a widely discussed topic among universities and other institutions of higher learning all over the world. It can be noted most learning institutions come up with a schedule that allows students to take part in college sports…
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The Benefits Of College Sports
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Download file to see previous pages Instead, they opt to spend the period set aside for sports studying, socializing or shopping.College sports have been beneficial for students who are offered scholarships based on their sporting prowess in games including tennis, American football, basketball and swimming (Shulman and Bowen 154). Students from marginalized communities benefit immensely from such programs. Most colleges in Europe do not pay the deserved attention to college sports as in other continents (Rosner,Scott and Shropshire 428). This is owing to the shared belief that education is more important than college sports. European varsities do not have the same number of sporting events like the ones in the United States and varsities in other regions of the world. In fact, the experience of college sports is not an important part of the college experience in continental Europe. At its best, most institutions have informal leagues for rugby and soccer. For instance, there are irregular college rugby matches at Twinckenham between Cambridge and Oxford annually. In addition to, there are inter university events in football and basketball but the situation is still wanting in comparison to other continents. Further study into the topic reveals that college sports do not get enough support from the varsities and the sport departments. It has been observed that there are no sports scholarships in Europe. This adversely affects the sporting landscape in the region, as there are no incentives to take part in sports. This means that that the number of students taking part in college sports is minimal. Secondly, college sports events do not get appropriate coverage. This means students lack the necessary information on sports and those excelling in the sports are not recognized for their efforts. Other continents offer full media and television coverage to such events increasing their popularity among the students. Thirdly, a well-established fan base has a positive impact on the college sports scene (Rosner,Scott and Shropshire 428). Regrettably, the fan base for the various college sports is minimal. This further decreases the popularity of such sports. Additionally, it discourages the participation of any students who would be willing to take part in college sports (Shulman and Bowen 154). Fourthly, college sports do not get the necessary funding to develop and expand its activities. Finally, the college stadiums and facilities in the European varsities are not well developed. This means that those taking part in the sports do not get the appropriate training in a healthy environment. Additionally, the lack of proper training and sporting facilities dampen the efforts of the students taking part in the sports. The issue is no different at Franklin College Switzerland since sports are taken too lightly and denied the deserved attention. This is owing to the fact that too much attention is given to education and other extra curricula activities that are considered more important. It has been noted that there are no sporting scholarships offered at Franklin College Switzerland. This leads to the decline in attention paid to sports. The college rarely organizes sporting events within the institution and with other colleges. Additionally, the stadium at the institution has an inadequate space to accommodate various sporting activities. The college ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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