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Social Media and Television - Research Paper Example

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The paper aims at ascertaining whether the social media incorporation has changed the way in which traditional TV programs are presented, whether a change has been embraced in the content of the TV programs and whether the new trends are positive or negative with regards to social structures…
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Social Media and Television
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Download file to see previous pages The same have become very useful in communication. Meetings of high orders have been held in Facebook and LinkedIn; many scholarly materials in video or print form are being shared on these sites, and many great ideas are being exchanged on the very web pages. It is on these web sites that modern technology is met. These include the advertisements of new products in the market, new job opportunities, the next big event in a field or region regarding a group, weddings, church based meetings and many more. The engagement levels in the social media automatically outwit the controlled engagement on the traditional TV programs, which are not interactive at all. Instead of watching a performer on TV, young and informed people would prefer watching the same performer on YouTube and get responses from other friends about the music or the talk being watched (Silverman, 156). At the same time, the computers and smart phones are enabling the viewers to multi task by engaging many chat options and reaching a vast majority instantly. Thus, the social media and its encroachment into the TV and communication world had to be handled with care to engage the usefulness while spending time proportionally. It is on this line of argument that the managers of the TV stations and inventors of programs borrowed the idea of incorporating social media into the TV news programs and other interesting programs whether they are educative, entertaining, or just informative. Literature review During this year-2013, concerns have risen on how to incorporate as many social media into the TV programs. An initiative was started whose intention was to make TV shows more interactive and appealing to the social media users in an...
The paper talks about that social media are not old in the technology arena, yet it has overtaken very many traditional programs and systems, which do not use technology of the modern time. Computers have developed so drastically that within a very short span one can barely survive without the aid of computers. It is through these computers based, and Internet enabled programs that the analogue world is nearly literally shaken off the market. Television programs have always been aired, and people have watched them with diligence and pathos. News anchors and news reporters have always presented their programs using the analogue systems without any heaviness of the heart since there was no option. On the contrary, no news anchor would be comfortable with the systems used just some ten or so years ago especially in the developed world.
According to the paper the use of social media in TV programs is acceptably good idea. It has attracted many viewers back to TV watching, and as has been pointed out in the literature review above, a vast majority will watch TV programs if they are captivating and more involving as compared to one in which the viewer is only a recipient of the messages. Nevertheless, there are a few issues associated with the concept of Social TV, which need to be addressed, or at least viewers be made aware of them since they have impacts upon the viewers.
One of the issues is the dependency on TV programs for consolation, companionship and comfort through the process commonly referred to as Social Surrogacy Hypothesis.
Trere is an analysis of social media which has gone deep into the TV programs and it is been used to promote the programs. The social media has changed the mode of presentation of programs on TVs and has brought many changes to the TV program researches. Based on the awareness that viewers will respond to the programs live, the editors have taken their work more seriously, and no shoddy work is presented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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