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What People feel when they see Advertisements on Television and Social Media - Essay Example

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People are always on different social media sites, and when they are not on social media, they are watching television. …
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What People feel when they see Advertisements on Television and Social Media
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Extract of sample "What People feel when they see Advertisements on Television and Social Media"

Download file to see previous pages Advertising industries across the world, however, see social media advertising and television advertising as two different platforms. However, social media and television have a connection when it comes to advertising. Social media influences television into the kind of advertising they have and the time for every advertisement (Campbell et al., 2011). Consumer behavior is the primary purpose of the differences in social media advertising and television advertising. Social media is a community, in general, and the people in social media should feel the presence of any company, organization or product that surrounds them outside social media. It is the same for television as people also surround their lives on TV when they are not working. These people that use television and social media have a particular kind of feeling towards social media and television advertising (Louis, Kerr, & Drennan, 2010). The research proposal is going to focus on the feeling of these people and how they react to social media and television advertising.
Today’s society has people on social media and television thus advertising for products and services should be on social media. Chi (2011, p.46) describes social media as an association in the middle of brands and shoppers, [while] offering an individual channel and coin for client-focused systems administration and social interactions. The tools that businesses use to communicate with customers have significantly changed, and it is easier for the companies to reach now their customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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