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Cultures of Exhibition and Display - Essay Example

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Cultures of Exhibition and Display By [Name of student] [Presented to] [Name of institution] [Date] INTRODUCTION Art and history has been an integral part of the society offering rich experiences and information in a significant manner. From a student point of view, it is important to assess the significance of art and history in a critical manner…
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Cultures of Exhibition and Display
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Download file to see previous pages The discussion basically revolves around showcasing the overall experience of visiting the museum and capturing minute details and information adding value to the personal learning along with helping in forming a critical thinking leading to the assessment of a rich experience. It can be assumed that there are a number of exhibitions being conducted in the United Kingdom with some sort of significance offering great source of value. The reason behind choosing museum for the critical analysis and experience was based on the historical aspect associated with it. Museums offer details about the history of a nation along with enlightening a number of people through messages and wide arrays of information. The overall experience of entering the museum created a sense of excitement that further motivated to collect great source of information along with understanding them in a critical manner. The British Museum is dedicated to human history and culture and this acted as a motivation to study in detail about the museum and its works. Moreover, the museum has an old and significant history in the context of the UK art, history, and culture. This also impacted the decision of studying and critically analysing the works and history of the museum. Based on the discussion, it can be said that the discussion has been presented in a critical manner covering details of the experience in an illustrative manner. The next part of the discussion presents an overview of the British Museum in a brief manner. An Overview of the British Museum The British Museum is located in London showcasing the human history and culture in a significant manner. It has more than eight million works highlighting the rich human history from the existence till the present in a comprehensive manner. Moreover, it is among the largest museums highlighting the human history in a detailed manner and thus gaining immense popularity all across the world (Wilson, 2002). The museum was established in 1753 showing the collections of the scientist Sir Hans Sloane and was opened to the public in 1759. With time, the museum was expended in a great manner with the inclusion of many other works highlighting the history and significance of the global human culture and evolution. The museum does not include collections of natural history and all books and manuscripts have been made an independent part of the British library. However, the museum holds artifacts representing the cultures of different countries; ancient and modern (Caygill, 2006). Moreover, the museum has a library comprising of more than 150 million works offering rich source of information. It also has a website offering information over various works and objects and thus helping individuals and organisations to garner varied source of information from all across the world. The museum is sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport. It has 25 trustees responsible for controlling and managing the works of the museum in an effective and efficient manner (Jenkins, 2006).The British Museum also houses Egyptian antiquities and is of immense importance especially from the range and quality point of view. The museum showcases the works and history of Egypt through different works and objects and holds great significance in the present era (Reeve, 2003). Overall, it can be said that the British Museum is an epitome of history and quality helping individua ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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