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Cultural Space Student: Professor: Date: Cultural Space The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed description of the Moroccan Court at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This paper describes the location of the courtyard within the entire space of the New Galleries; what has been included in the Moroccan Court exhibition; how it is displayed; the way objects are arranged and how a visitor interacts within the space…
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Cultural Space
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"Cultural Space"

and Arab lands. Through an investigation of the Moroccan Court, I intend to cover the recreated courtyard and how it furthers exchange between the United States and Arab lands. Within the entire exhibition space of the New Galleries, the courtyard is located high above the Roman and Greek galleries. What has been included in the Moroccan Court exhibition is a medieval 14th century Islamic courtyard. The work is a Maghrebi-Andalusian-style courtyard and it would function just the way that similar courtyards still function in the traditional mosques and houses back in Morocco; as their spiritual as well as physical center. Some groups, such as Muslim scholars hope that the courtyard would have 2 major functions: first, it would be a placid chronological way station for persons who move through over 1,000 years of Islamic history; secondly, it is a symbol, amidst strong anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe and the United States, that intellectual as well as aesthetic commerce is still alive between the Western world and the Islamic world.1 The floor is a perfect mosaic work; it is made of tens of thousands of pieces of clay tiles that were fitted together in a large rectangle which appears as a shallow sandbox scored with complex lines. The objects in space comprise a courtyard with tile patterns which are based on tile patterns in Granada’s Alhambra Palace. Above are walls that have fantastically filigreed plaster, which lead to a carved cedar molding that is based on the well-known woodwork during the fourteenth century Islamic school/Attarin madrasa in Fez, Morocco.2 Other than the fascinating wall tile, the woodwork is also noteworthy; it is as scented as a cedar closet. I do not think anything has been excluded, and everything seems to be just right. In interacting within the space, the physical museum space consists of a wide array of Islamic art particularly from Morocco, some which take the visitors from New York all the way to Fez in Morocco. Architecture is used to exhibit culture in the following way: with the use of architecture, it is possible to gauge several things concerning a particular culture, like social structure, artistic sensibilities as well as lifestyle. For instance, the culture and environment of the Egyptians produced the striking pyramids, and when someone thinks of India, the first thing that perhaps comes into mind is the Tahj Mahal. If it were not for their culture, it would not have been designed that way. A nation is not just recognized by its government and people alone, but also by its architecture. Each culture could inspire a type of architecture ranging from everyday homes to landmarks. Every culture is unique and religion is one of the major influences.3 What is being exhibited is truly reflective of the true culture of Morocco. Some of the exhibitions observed at the Museum displays are pictured below. Picture 1: Breathtaking Moroccan architecture Picture 2: the buildings are an architectural marvel and the interior decor is superb Picture 3: thousands of pieces of small clay tiles are a popular decorative technique for the Moroccan culture that dates back centuries. The above marvelous architectures are actual reflection of true culture; culture of Morocc Read More
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