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Jewish history comprises within it the historical basis of the Jews, their beliefs with respect to culture, their faith manifestations, their values and a number of other things. The Jewish history has spanned a period of nearly six thousand years and has encompassed a variety of populations and people…
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Jewish Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This started with the people who occupied the area that was between the Nile, the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. The land of Cannan, which was later called as Isreal was surrounded by ancient seats of cultural manifestations within Egypt and Babylonia as well as the deserts of Arabia. It was also encircles by the highlands that came from the Asia Minor. This indeed was an area that saw a number of civilizations coming to the fore of each other. This area was negotiated by the age-old trade links and thus comprised of the significant harbors on the Gulf of Akaba as well as on the Mediterranean coast where it exposed towards the influential patterns of a number of other cultures, most of which hailed from the Fertile Crescent. This paper takes a keen look at the Jewish historical basis and studies in-depth the different representations of culture, arts and politics within the world of Judaism.
Conventionally it has been seen that the Jews all over the world have claimed that their descent has been mostly lying within the ancient Israelites, the ones who settled within the initial land of Israel. It is for this manner that the Israelites have long and hard traced their shared lineage with Abraham who was the biblical patriarch through Isaac and Jacob, both of whom were Hebrews and essentially the descendants of Eber. On the same token, the Jewish beliefs hold fast on to the claim that the Israelites were indeed the descendants of Jacob's 12 sons, one of whom was Judah who initially settled within Egypt. It was within Egypt that their descendants were put to slavery by the Egyptian pharaoh, who was often known by the name of Ramses II. When one studies the ancient conventional basis of the Jews, there is evidence in the fact that the Jewish Israelites left their country, Egypt being their own to Canaan which was essentially led by their prophet Moses. What this event did was to mark the very basis of formation of the Israelites as a nation, which was later divided into twelve different tribes, all of whom are kept after Jacob's sons. Jewish tradition as well as the Bible, the time from Genesis towards the Malachi has told that the Israelites moved about in a freely roaming fashion within the deserts for more than four decades after which they were able to conquer Canaan under the aegis of Joshua, thus dividing the very land amongst the twelve varied tribes. There was a period of time within the Jewish history when the twelve different tribes were led by a series of judges who were essentially the rulers themselves. After this period had passed, an Israelite monarchy was instituted upon within the land under the aegis of Saul as he continued to work under King David and Solomon, the latter being his son. Since King David was the ruler of the time, he made his mark by conquering Jerusalem, where his mode of attack included capturing a Canaanite and later on a Jebusite town, where he made the same as the capital. King David's son was proactive in his approach as he constructed the First Temple within Jerusalem. Later on, Solomon's period in office was further divided into a couple of kingdoms - Israel which consisted of ten different tribes within the north, and Judah that entailed of those tribes within Judah and Benjamin, both of which lied in the south. Assyrian ruler Shalmaneser V captured Israel in the 8th century BCE. Unfortunately there is no evidence in the f ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Jewish Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 Words.
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