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The paper aims to provide a descriptive study of the American television romantic sit-com named Sex and the City. The paper would also contain multiple issues that have been addressed in the book Americanization: A School Reader & Speaker by Ellwood Griscom…
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TV Paper
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Download file to see previous pages ssues that have been identified in the book are stated hereunder: Americanization The first issue that has been identified within the book name, “Americanization: A School Reader & Speaker” by Ellwood Griscom (Jr.) and TV romantic sit-com Sex and The City is Americanization. It was viewed that the show “Sex and The City” mainly concentrated on promoting activities that were considered normal in the American context. Additionally, the concept of changing sex-partners frequently has also been focused considerably. Considering the above mentioned facet, it can be stated that the television sitcom “Sex and The City” promoted the living habits of the Americans which can be considered as a way of promoting them in other parts of the world (Griscom (Jr.) 230-233). Cultural Imperialism The second major issue that has been critically evaluated in the book and can also be ascertained in the show i.e. ‘Sex and the City’ is the notion of cultural imperialism. The term ‘cultural imperialism’ is depicted in order to ascertain the supremacy of a particular society over the other presumably inferior societies. In this framework, it has been viewed that the show “Sex and The City” endorsed certain activities that are not usually considered ethical or is accepted in other societies located world-wide. The show has been determined to promote activities such as frequent change of sex partners. Many critics also do believe that the show has tried to influence women and young girls to vie against each other in the modern days (Tomlinson 1-19). Considering the above stated facets, it can be asserted that the show “Sex and The City” promoted certain activities that are mainly seen in the western countries of the world, thus in turn promoting cultural imperialism....
This paper approves that the American television romantic sit-com named ‘Sex and the City’ is recognized to be amongst the most discussed television sitcoms amid TV critics around the globe. The issue of criticism relating to American TV shows has been viewed from the past. With the increasing technological developments, it has become easy for every individual to access data or videos that promote a specific cultural practice. However, in this context, the concerned show is regarded to have highlighted the qualities that a woman should have in order to meet the current challenges.
This report makes a conclusion that the contribution of television series in bringing new changes in the society is measured to be vast. There exist numerous television sit-coms around the globe that are made considering the normal living habits of one’s country or region. However, it has been viewed that when these TV sit-coms are telecasted at the international platform, they often raise a conflict with certain living habits of individuals residing in different nations or following different religious beliefs. With reference to the above discussion, it can be viewed that the major reason behind ardent criticism of the popular TV sit-com i.e. ‘Sex and the City’ is because of its excess promotion of the use of expensive products and the promotion of certain non-universal practices at the international level. Thus, it has been determined that television shows often bring with them certain intricacies that might be lauded in their home nations but might in turn bring in defame and criticism in the global arena. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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TV Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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