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Brand Journal - Research Paper Example

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Introduction: Hazwan is a brand name in the information technology sector. This is a company that develops computer software’s for purposes of improving their speed. It also has interactive features, enabling users to interact through the internet via the computers that have installed the software…
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Brand Journal
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Download file to see previous pages This paper identifies the companies that my brand would like to partner with, and how it fits into the culture of these companies, and their brand positions. Evolution of the Brand: The first step in the evolution process is the determination of the brands core values and principles. For example, the brand managers of Hazwan must identify the various core values and principles of the company. For instance, the company believes in honesty, transparency and integrity while dealing with its customers. This is an aspect referred to as brand definition. Brand definition does not just involve the identification of the values and principles of the company; it also involves the identification of the products of the company. This is because brand managers cannot create a logo without identifying what the company produces. It is important to denote that logos represent the identity of a particular brand. Brand managers therefore must create logos that depict some aspects of transparency, integrity and honesty. For instance, they can use the picture of a dove in their logo. A dove normally symbolizes purity, and these values of the company are elements of purity. Once the company has a logo, the next step is to introduce the logo to the partners of the business. This includes employees and its customers. The best method to use is the social media. The social media has millions and millions of users in a day. Posting the logo on the internet, and receiving feedbacks on its design is a sure way of building the brand name of the organization (Ferrara, 2012). This is because people will identify with the logo, and what it represents, as a result, identify with the company. Brand managers can also use the print media and the television to advertise their new logo. The print media has the capability of reaching a wide audience, and as such, the prospective customers of the organization might learn of its existence. Finally, the next procedure is to build relationships with the target market of its products. The brand managers will have to market the software product of Hazwan, and it can do this through the social media, the print media, televisions, and posters. Creating a relationship with the target market will also involve explaining how the software will satisfy the various needs of the organization. For example, Hazwan software’s enhance the speed of computers. It is important to denote that users are always motivated by the speed of the computers that they use. A computer which is fast will generate higher sales. On this basis, it is the interest of companies to generate high profits by increasing their market share. On this note, Hazwan software’s will satisfy such kind of need. The brand managers will therefore use this capability of the software, to create a positive relationship with its target customers. Short Term Achievements: One of the short term goals of the Hazwan brand is to attract highly talented computer programmers and software developers to work in the organization. The company aims to achieve this objective by offering high remuneration packages, amongst other benefits. This benefit includes housing allowances, transportation allowance, and an option to develop further their skills by improving on their academic and professional qualification (Ferrara, 2012). These measures will not only attract some of the best computer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Brand Journal Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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