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Name Institution Course Date Instructor Blue Steel Movie Review Blue steel thriller directed by Kathryn Bigelow starts brilliantly by introducing Megan Turner and inspection of the tools for her business. This movie conveys Megan’s inner look and drawing viewer’s attention on her look…
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Download file to see previous pages As Turner fights for her badge and cases helped by Detective Nick, she is trying to imagine her relationship with a murder. She decides to spend the night with Mann when she watches her best friend killed. Turner hunts for the killer and after a long confrontation and wounds that she manages to kill Hunt. There are many themes and lessons throughout this file as discussed below. Bullet with her the name of Megan is one most revealed theme in the movie. Eugene recreates the supermarket scene, terms the gun as a lucky object, and puts it in use. Hunt engraves Turner’s name on the bullets, which Hunt uses to kill his victims. If Hunt had no reason for this act then his acts are psycho behaviors yet the blue steel glory sequence connected Megan’s body with her gun’s blue steel. Megan is associated with the killings when Eugene assigns her name on the bullets used in the killings (Tasker, 1998). The film’s exchange of sexuality as illustrated Mann describes a man cut off his penis in a cab by a prostitute and not her wife. This story reveals the construction of women’s role in men’s affairs when the man’s penis was misplaced. In the story where the hooker has a needle ever ready and skills of sewing reveals the womanly trope of intertwining and male wish for tamed whore. Passing back and onwards of someone’s penis shows the suitable and unsuitable use of phallic power. Exchange of guns at the start of the film connected to the back and forth at the end of the film. Both passing of bullets and penis represents the issue of inaccessible economies operating between both male and female and the care both genders ought to have for their phalluses. Hunt pisses off when he sees a woman shooting a man in the supermarket. Hunt finds in Turner a beautiful person who is able to serve a public violence and this is which is a form of over-recognition. This strange recognition shows the reliance of yuppie devil for his individuality. Such psychotic characters as constructed towards gender of feminine heroes are evident in the film. As the film starts, Megan kills a man on her first day in job and a customer who is already troubled before the shooting started pockets the man’s gun. Curtis’ social life starts when Silver plans for a date but she does not suspect why he is up to her. Another scene is created when Curtis and her father leaves home when Silver comes whose characters are intelligent and sets things up such that Curtis is seen as the killer herself (Freud, 1995). Blue steel is a thriller that has a shock and afterwards a surprise. One feels dumb after moving through the scenes of the film. For instance, Megan meets unexpected horrors by Strode and sexually abused in a brutal rape and made a device of sexual bias and rejected by the whole society. Megan is a new cop and helps prevent theft in a store by shooting assailant who were armed. After the killings, since a customer pocketed the gun of the assailant killed and therefore Megan is in trouble because the department terms him as unarmed person. Her department disowns her for killing innocent man and Hunt starts killing people in the streets with the bullets engraved with Megan’s name. Movies like this that indulge the psychology, provide more reasons on murderer’s behavior of anti-sociality. In addition, before Megan and Eugene had sex, Eugene asks her to take away the gun ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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BLUE STEEL Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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